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Daily Old Testament Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani

by Witness Dingani
24 Mar 2017 at 09:20hrs | Views
Qn: "The Prophets Spoke Only The Word Of God, and Not Their Opinions" How Far does this explain Israel and Zimbabwean prophets?(25)

 - The above question requires one to show that indeed prophets of Israel were divinely inspired ,same applies with Zimbabwean prophets. Number of so many prophets in Israel were divinely inspired, this cannot be denied .This include the following prophets
a)    Moses
b)    Samuel
c)    Gad
d)    Nathan
e)    Ahijah
f)    Miciah Ben Imlah
g)    Elijah
h)    Amos
i)    Hosea
j)    Isiaah
k)    Jeremiah

 - Among the Israelite prophets ,they were  unauthentic prophets ,hence
meaning  they had their own source .The above question will be fully
hammered below.

 - J Thompson define a prophet as a messenger of God ,B.W. Anderson define a prophet as someone who communicate the divine will ,whereas J Mulienburg defined a prophet as a covenant mediator .Israel prophets spoke only the word of God .This is true in the case of Deuteronomy 18:18,where it is indicated that Yahweh inspired the prophets to deliver their message and the same message was suppose to come to pass, this is recorded in Deueteronomy 18:22.The message of some Israel prophets came from Yahweh ,this is evidenced by the fulfilment and the use of messenger style of speech even though this style was hijacked by false prophets .Elijah predicted the death of Ahab as he said the dogs will lick your blood ,this is recorded in 1st Kings 21:24.Micaih Ben Imlah prophesied about the defeat of Israel ,perhaps, the death of Israel leaders "I see Israel scattered in mountain…" This came to pass during the Ramoth-Gilead battle as Ahab died ,and the dogs licked his blood .This is evidenced in 1st Kings 22:38 .In Zimbabwean context ,number of prophets claim to be messengers of God, this is evidenced by the fulfilment of their predictions for instance ,documents of Wimbo according to indicates that in 1957 ,Wimbo prophesied about Zimbabwe being led by a man with a name of the angel "Gabriel" and it came to pass [Readers can follow the following website for more information. ] .Daily News paper in April 28 2016 published headline that Makandiwa had prophesied about the Zambian Xenophobic attacks. Sunday News Newspaper on the 8th of January 2017 published the prophecies of Chiza were he claimed that he was speaking the word of the Lord "God is saying the church will be rich. I see a hand pushing money into the church." Pastor of Mugadza of Kariba should not be ignored who claimed that he spoke only what God told him to predict the future ,this was further recorded by New Zimbabwe online newspaper on the 12th of January 2017 "I would not want to force anyone to believe this but I am just saying it because this is what God told me, so it is up to the individuals to believe if it is going to happen or not," Mugadza further said.[Readers can follow the link for more information,+thus+says+God/news.aspx] All this indicates that Zimbabwean prophets just like Israel prophets only speak the word of God not their opinions.

 - Samuel predicted the future of Israel.He predicted the dangers of having a King, after Israelites had requested for a King ,this is recorded in 1st Samuel 8:4 .The predictions of Samuel are recorded in 1st Samuel 8:11, "These will be the ways of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and appoint them to his chariots and to be his horsemen, and to run before his chariots".[You can read the above verse using RSV ,to find out about more of his predictions].Some of the predictions came to pass during the reign of different kings in Israel. Jeremiah predicted the death of Hananiah after predicting that Israel will be exiled in Babylon will take 2 years ,this is evidenced in Jeremiah 28:15 and it came to pass in Jeremiah 28:17 .In Zimbabwean context, the predictions of well known prophets has came to pass for instance Dr Chiza in 2016 prophesied the return of Zimbabwean money and it was set before the end of the year. All this indicates that the above named prophets spoke only the word of the God,

N.B More Examples Can Be Added.

 - In as much as it can be said that Israel prophets and Zimbabwean prophets spoke only the word of the God ,it will be a mischief, if one ignore the other side of the coin which postulate that some prophets in Israel spoke their opinions .For instance ,Hananiah who prophesied that Israel will go to exile for two years after using a messenger style of speech ,this is recorded in Jeremiah 28:11.As a result, Israel was exiled for 52 years .Four hundred court prophets during the Ramoth Gilead prophets ,prophesied victory against Syrians ,this is recorded in 1st Kings 22:11.As a result, Israel was scattered .In Zimbabwean context, number of predictions of Zimbabwean prophets have failed to come to pass [Examples can be extracted from the local news newspapers .Basing on the Deuteronomy 18:22 ,one will be forced to conclude that they speak their own opinions .Therefore, this is an enough evidence to prove that the above named Israel prophets and Zimbabwean prophets spoke or speak their own opinions.

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