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Businesman dumps cheating wife at her lover's house

by Staff Reporter
31 Mar 2017 at 06:36hrs | Views
A Filabusi businessman forced marched his cheating wife to her lover's house as he was fed up with her antics.

Teurai Chimanikire initially beat his wife, Irene Jubane after he got wind of her cheating habits with Lloyd Maduka who is married.

Chimanikire got wind of her affairs from Maduka's wife, Hamu.

On her part, Hamu is said to have been tipped of the affair by Irene's other bitter lover identified as Vumani Moyo, a gold dealer.

"When Hamu discovered that Irene  was cheating with her husband she went to her house and found her with Teurai.

"Hamu asked her about the affair and she did not deny. That got Teurai angry so he beat her up and took her to Lloyd's house and dumped her there" a B-Metro informer is quoted saying.

Hamu quickly sent Irene back to her house.

Irene is said to be currently sleeping in a separate room  as Teurai said "he doesn't want her anywhere near him".

Irene, however denied any rift with her husband saying "My husband and I are doing well. There's nothing like that".

Source - B-Metro