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Manheru and Mrs Charamba's so-called death?

by Mavis Mathole
18 May 2017 at 15:44hrs | Views
Gukurahundi is just the name, an encapsulation of a mass-murder committed on an industrial scale on the Ndebele - uMthwakazi - by Shonaist and Gukurahundist Zimbabwe, solely because uMthwakazi is Ndebele, and solely because a particular Shona outfit - known individuals - were give state power by the British in 1980.

But what it really is - Gukurahundi, that is, Mr Manheru - was the killing of tens of thousands of Ndebeles - uMthwakazi - by Shonaists and Gukurahundists in the name of Shonaists, disguising themselves as Zimbabwe.

It was the killing and maiming of an Mthwakazi son, daughter, mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, cousin, wife, husband, unborn children - all with a name, a face, a life, The killing of Buhle, Amos, Ntando, Nothando, Sylvia, Mgcini, Nolwazi, Mdu, S'hle, and Sabelo by individuals - with a name and a face - commanded by Perence Shiri, for his own and in the behalf of Robert Mugabe and others who sent them, and others who either cheered it all or have approved of or acquiesced in it since, while pretending otherwise.

It was death visited on Ndebeles - uMthwakazi - by human agency, human beings; individuals, when otherwise those victims would still have been alive today or would have lived for longer than Gukurahundi allowed them.

UMthwakazi's killed and maimed, are either silent victims in an unknown grave or mass-grave, locked out of memory by a mental bayonet planted in Mthwakazi's mind by Mthwakazi's mass-murderers, or they are scarred and deformed people, walking victims weighed down by the unfitting and heavy plaster of the so-called 'Unity Accord', while the perpetrators of those mass killings reward themselves by seniority in life and by hero statuses in death, both unexpressed but privately (even publicly) celebrated medals for a job well done!

Shonaist and Gukurahundist Zimbabwe says there are deaths, and there are things also so-called deaths. Shonaists deaths are deaths, and uMthwakazi's death - which they caused -  are called so-called deaths. And this is Shonaist and Gukurahundi Zimbabwe, so well and neatly ordered tribally, in life and death by Shonaists and Gukurahundists, through the ceaseless and eternal political wisdom of Zanuism and Shonaism! This is Gukurahundi as uMthwakazi should accept and understand it, not the so-called Gukurahundi they want it to be.

So, when Mrs Charamba dies - as she did this week - and if the violently anti-Mthwakazi scribe, Nathaniel Manheru, is indeed George Charamba, as Mthwakazi, we are obliged to acknowledge her death (MHSRIP) as a death, not a so-called death. And as Mthwakazi, we do! It is indeed that - a death. And to be sure, Robert Mugabe's, will be one too, to us Mthwakazians - a death, not a so-called death, even as many will no doubt - and rightly so - celebrate it!

So we refuse - as Mthwakazi - to treat Mrs Charamba's death as anything more or less than a real death - not a so-called death - and one that affects her family and relatives just as it affects all of us during the loss of a loved one. But as Mthwakazi, we mourn Mrs Charamba more because we easily tap into an existing and never-will-end reservoir of pain and sorry we know so much better than anyone in this Shonaist and Gukurahundist Zimbabwe. No pain will ever be greater than a death caused to a loved one by another human being who then taunts and laughs at you for it! Shonaists and Gukurahundists are in a league of their own in Zimbabwe, or indeed anywhere else!

Above all - as Mthwakazi - we acknowledge Mr Charamba's private pain and sorrow at the death of his wife this week (our condolences! because, as much as Mr Charamba - if he is indeed Nathaniel Manheru - sees the Ndebele - uMthwakazi - as some strange sub-human species - we still see him as a member of our human family, susceptible and vulnerable to human pain and suffering caused by the penetrating sting of the death of a loved one, and not a politically-conditioned mental state granted by a political order as a death or a 'so-called' death.

Because, to Mthwakazians, all lives matter - no matter how lowly - because life is a free gift from God that no other human being should treat as politically tradeable at their pleasure - as Shonaists and Gukurahundists have done and continue to do with Mthwakazi lives they stole pre-maturely. As sure as the birth of a new-born brings happiness to parents, death of a loved one brings immeasurable pain and sorrow to those left behind, Mthwakazian or Shona. Unless you are Manheru!

Gradations of death - and therefore, sorrow - by those who wantonly caused the death of masses of innocent Mthwakazians, and those who today continue daily to fan legions of admirers for those sordid acts, can only be the sad work of those people who have nothing except so-called political wisdom. Only in the world of so-calleds, are to be found so-calleds who refer to the Gukurahundi genocide as 'so-called'.

For how can any death - especially mass deaths of others deliberately caused - ever be called 'so-called', unless one now knew they now had the power of life over death? If you have to hate, then good gracious me, do so privately, not publicly in a public column, for you don't know when death will kick your own door open as not a so-called death, but as a real death, and you need comfort, not taunting from someone calling your loss as a so-called death!

And there will always be a difference between not fighting evil with evil, and not nurturing and massaging and aiding and abetting evil as many of us have done for this long under Shonaist and Gukurahundist Zimbabwe!

And all moralists out there, let's hear you have you have a go...

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Source - Mavis Mathole