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Zanu PF Bulawayo pulls down Mugabe's poster, campaign gathers momentum

by Stephen Jakes
17 Nov 2017 at 15:33hrs | Views
As the events unfold in calls for President Robert Mugabe to go, Bulawayo Zanu PF province has seen party members removing the poster of the veteran leader at the provincial headquarters as the vehicles drive around mobilising people for the Saturday march in Harare.

The Zanu PF members, war veterans and social groups and other political parties will be marching in Harare in solidarity with the military in stopping Mugabe from disturbilising the country and calling for his step down.

Sources from Davis Hall say the angry members have pulled down Mugabe's poster at the party offices.

"Bulawayo people are celebrating as Zanu PF vehicles move around town calling people to come to Davis hall and head to Harare to remove Mugabe who has privatised the country," said the source.

"Provinces calling for Mugabe expulsion. So no one was supporting him, the moron was forcing people through the repressive state apparatus. he is now history. thumbs up to a new era. how refreshing it is to go to town without the police roadblocks."

"Remember 2014, 9 out of 10 provincial chairs were expelled. That was a big indicator. Isilungu sithi man often mistake notoriety for fame."

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Source - Byo24News