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Zimbabwe's 15 year old author pens a book

by Bakidzanani Dube
03 Dec 2017 at 17:21hrs | Views
Fifteen (15) year old boy, Tatenda Kosana of house number 3041 in Nketa 7 in Bulawayo has published his first motivational book titled "The Powerful Youth" while being a form four pupil at Tennyson Hlabangana High School in Bulawayo.

Kosana turns out to be the youngest author amongst upcoming and renowned young authors, the likes of Marshal Chiza.

In an interview, Kosana who could not hide his joy for a mission accomplished, said he has always believed that success was not dependent on age but anyone could do mighty works if they so wished to.

"My message is: age is not a barrier to achieving your dreams and visions. You can be that great person you aspire to be regardless of your age, background or financial status because what matters is not your quantity, it is your quality," said Kosana.

Kosana, who at his school was well decorated after being declared the school's best form three student in 2016 and winning 7 prizes during that year' Speech and Prize Giving Day,  said his dream began from the motivation he received by following Marshall Chiza, Zimbabwe's first you author.

"It began in a simple way. I used to just draft topics and could write anything I could think of but one day I wrote very significant topics then I realized that I could as well write a book if I became a lot more dedicated," Kosana said.

He also said that as a final year pupil at ordinary level, it was not easy to balance between passion and the need to prepare for the approaching examinations.

"I had to take everything step by step and I had only one day in a week to write the book (Saturday) and the other six days I would dedicate them to my school work. It took me six months to complete the book," said Kosana.

The young author expressed gratitude at the efforts of his school, stating that some of his teachers played a pivotal role to make him realize his dream.

"I would like to that all the teachers who taught me especially Miss N. Ncube (English) Mrs N. Baya (for motivation) and Mr. S. Mlotshwa. I would like to say to the school it's time to regain our lost pride," Kosana said.

The book is sold for $7 a copy and will be launched on the 16th of December this year in Bulawayo, and will thereafter be available in selected bookshops around the city.

Kosana can be contacted via mobile at: +263 776 007 729 or via Instagram on @kosanatatenda2 or Facebook @tatenda kosana and on Twitter @kosanatatenda.

Source - Bakidzanani Dube