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Can South Africa help Zimbabwe?

by Clement Moyo
25 Jan 2019 at 13:43hrs | Views
South Africa is our powerful neighbour and is one of the most powerful nations in Africa and can easily influence political changes for the better in Zimbabwe. So far they have not been able to work on a successful plan with the Zimbabweans. They have tried though on several occasions to put things right for us to no avail. The New version of displaying results outside each polling station soon after counting the ballots, introduced by the former president Thabo Mbeki. His help went on and resulted in the formation of a GNU which stabilised Zimbabwe significantly. He had prior to that sent in a team of experts, including army generals, to investigate  the army killings of civilians towards the run off elections in 2008, results of which former president Jacob Zuma was not comfortable releasing. Now they are back again talking, trying to help us.

My advise to our good neighbour is to try and work on a lasting solution, one that would see an end to the repeat of the horror. That definitely should not include giving us a handout monetarily but help us realise the importance of democratizing our behaviour by implementing those reforns and turning the army into a civil service institute than a dictatorial mafia style junta that protects the corrupt. To be honest, the only help Zimbabwe needs is to get off the reigns of Zanu-PF and that's it, that will be a massive way forward and economic recovery will be achieved. The problem we have is that we are being ruled by people who know exactly what to do but don't want to do it and are bent on making sure the right thing is not done so that they don't lose their grip on power.

They have the army to protect them do what they want. Does a person who hires a 75 thousand dollars an hour plane look like he needs 1.8 billion dollars for a loan. You must be kidding. Zimbabwe makes a lot of money per day and it's spent extravagantly. Tendai Biti made in roads into economic recovery because he was strict with expenditures. He was a no nonsense finance minister who would tell the president that his trip to wherever was expensive and worthiless and so could not be financed by government. Rare of a kind that man, the sanest Zimbabwean politician ever. If you look at the money this government makes plus the debt they have, you wonder what they have been financing. Roads are not maintained, hospitals have no drugs, police stations have no patrol cars and civil servants are earning peanuts. The country is basically in ruins. So, where is the money going to. They run around the world signing lots of meaningless deals instead of concentrating on reforming and reviving the collapsed government institutions. You are busy buying beer at a shabeen yet your family goes hungry every day at home. A hell of a father. You give this government money they will go buy Mercedes Benz and hire expensive planes, luxury, real thugs they are.

Emerson Mnangagwa and George Charamba will manufacture all the lies they want but the truth is that zanu pf  knows what to do and is deliberately avoiding it. Does it take an expensive trip to Russia to avoid doing the right thing. Can South Africa stop us from our sick behaviour. There are no renegade army and police officers who committed atrocities after the recent demonstrations George Charamba confirmed that and unfortunately Charity Charamba is lying unless she can prove it. Charity Charamba has been lying since the Mugabe era to date and probably that's what qualifies her into this pariah as a police spokesperson. Apprehend and parade them for the public to see. Liar.

Good luck South Africa.

Clement Moyo
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

Source - Clement Moyo