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Mthwakazi wants non-Ndebele administrators thrown out of Matebeleland

by Staff reporter
02 Nov 2020 at 05:49hrs | Views
FIREBRAND pro-Matebeleland pressure group, Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has demanded the immediate departure of a number of individuals of Shona origin who are now in charge of administrative functions of the predominantly Ndebele region.

In a statement, the group argues the identified administrators could not be relied upon to place the interests of the region upfront.

The pressure group, which claims the Shona dominated Zanu-PF government was deliberately sidelining the region on matters of development, released a list of names of senior government officials it felt must make way for those capable of putting Matebeleland's interests first.

"They must pack and go now," MRP said Saturday.

"The following people (names listed) among many SHONAS deployed in our region must LEAVE NOW. They must make way for our sons and daughters who equally need work.

"As Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP), we are calling upon all our people to join hands and chase the following people from our region in the spirit of DEVOLUTION."

Mthwakazi argued there was everything amiss about a Bulawayo City Council with 17 out of 29 councillors being Shona.

"In addition to those, we have 17 out of a total of 29 MDC imposed Shona councillors in the city of Bulawayo," said the group.

MRP also claimed all banks in the Matebeleland region were owned and managed by non-Ndebeles.

"Under these people, we have seen more than 4 million of our people being driven to mainly SA, Botswana, Namibia, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and etc in the last 20 years.

"I only did a cross sectional diagnosis, this is, but a microcosm of a deeper and seriously entrenched Shona hegemonic system that cuts across all spheres in our community," said the group.

The group also argued the appointment of Shona administrators in the region has led to places being given non-Ndebele names such as 'Garikai Township' in Gwanda.

Said Mthwakazi, "Also under the so called EPOs, our traditional land custodians ie Chiefs have been bullied if not bribed by the government that has imposed mostly Shona district administrator.

"Some of these Chiefs and war veterans are now in bed with Harare while their subjects are wallowing in poverty in SA and elsewhere around the globe.

"As MRP, we are saying all this nonsense must come to an end, all above listed individuals MUST GO…and they MUST GO NOW!!"

The pressure group said the province has the richest mineral resources but the people there are living like beggars.

"It's not tribalism but devolution of power," MRP said.

Source - newzimbabwe