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Mohadi sex skeletons tumble

by Staff reporter
19 Feb 2021 at 07:20hrs | Views
VICE President Kembo Mohadi's shocking love romps with married mistresses have been laid bare in two leaked phone conversations in which the country's number 2 is heard inviting his sex toys for unprotected sex in his government office.

This comes after yet another love scandal the philandering VP has been having with one Abbigal Muleya, a married Central Intelligence Organisation employee attached to his office.

The two have not yet commented publicly about their illicit affair.

But if his romp with Muleya is not enough to demonstrate the VP's promiscuous side, then the latest scandal surely would.

In the audios – recorded on two separate occasions – in which he speaks to two stunningly gorgeous mistresses identified as Yvonne and Chevaughn, a horny 71-year-old VP Mohadi does not beat about the bush in telling his evidently cooperating doxies he is dying for a "fu**" in his love nest.

VP Mohadi's Conversation with Yvonne:

Mohadi: Hello Yvonne.

Yvonne: Good morning. How are you?

Mohadi: I'm alright. Are you alright now?

Yvonne: I am at home, but I want to come to your office.

Mohadi: Are you alright now. Can you give me a fu** now?

Yvonne: Sorry?

Mohadi: Can you give me a fu** now?

Yvonne: (Giggling) Are you at the office?

Mohadi: (Giggling) No let's talk first.

Yvonne: (Baby crying in the background) Isn't it you know my situation, it's almost done.

Mohadi: That's what I wanted to hear. I think I would be free in the afternoon now I have got some appointment.

Yvonne: In the afternoon?

Mohadi: It's fine.


In the second instance, the VP talks to Chevaughn, who first narrates her nightmare with some contraceptives which were causing her some "abnormal bleeding" and had to stop them on the advice of a gynaecologist.

Chevaughn tells her VIP lover she has a two-week "leeway" to see through the bleeding ordeal before "normal" menstrual periods can resume.

Said the VP, "So you are not taking any contraceptives?

Chevaughn: Right now no. I am not.

Mohadi: What about if you get pregnant?

Chevaughn: (With a giggle) ah Hameno…coz if I keep taking ndo arikukonzeresa like an abnormal bleeding and stuff.

Mohadi: You want to give it to me in the office?

Chevaughn: Yes.

Mohadi: Ok. There is no other place. We have to do it in the office.

Chevaughn: Yes?


Source - zimlive