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Zapu dismisses Zanu-PF defection claims

by Staff reporter
22 Mar 2021 at 07:23hrs | Views
ZAPU has dismissed as cheap propaganda, claims by Zanu-PF that 28 of the former's members have defected to the ruling party.

Zanu-PF Matabeleland South province Saturday reportedly welcomed 28 members of Zapu who were said to have followed in the footsteps of their provincial chairperson, Mike Masiye.

Masiye re-joined Zanu-PF last month.

Zanu-PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, who was in Gwanda for a Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC), told state media that it was the wish of late Vice President Joshua Nkomo for Zanu-PF to remain united in keeping the 1987 unity accord between the parties intact.

"Zanu-PF came as a result of Zanu-PF and PF Zapu, and the late Vice President had said we should remain in Zanu-PF no matter what.

"It is unfortunate that some decided to leave the party, but that is water under the bridge now.

"As Zanu-PF, we want everyone to come back because we are a people's party," he said.

Zapu director of marketing and communications Patrick Ndlovu Saturday said as a party, they were not amused by the depths to which Zanu-PF had sunk in their propaganda war against his party.

"The only positive to note in the story is the admission by Moyo that the unity agreement is dead and that Zapu is no longer part of that accord.

"It should settle the doubting Thomases and reassure the fence sitters that Zapu is truly distinct from Zanu-PF.

"We would also remind Moyo that he should not speak on issues that are beyond his mandate.

"Moyo was an Aide De Camp to the late Joshua Nkomo. He was not in the political structures. As such, he is not qualified to speak on the wishes of Nkomo.

"What Nkomo in fact did say was 'ngenani liphume lingela daka (go in and come out without being soiled).

"He also said 'igadeni inqola kodwa lingayikhokheli' (ride on the cart but do not lead it)."

Ndlovu said Nkomo knew that the time to pull out was going to come and reassured the structures of his support on that eventuality.

"We understand that they are now afraid to come out because 'sebelodaka' and ‘sebeyikhokhele' (because they are now soiled with mud and now lead it)," he said.

"We reassure the nation and our supporters that the party is growing stronger, hence the propaganda attacks from our detractors.

"Once again, we reach out to our people, come home. It's time to stand on our own and liberate the country from black corruption and oppression."

The alleged admission of Zapu defectors reportedly occurred during the district co-coordinating committees' meeting which were convening for the first time since being elected in December last year.

The committees were tasked to spearhead projects and programmes are aimed at economically empowering the people in line with vision 2030.

Source - newzimbabwe