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BCC raises red flag for unauthorized use of city coat of arms

by Shelton Muchena
17 Apr 2021 at 13:00hrs | Views
The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has warned members of the public against the unauthorised use of its Coat of Arms saying offenders will be prosecuted.

In a  statement issued by the local authority's Clerk Mr. Christopher Dube said the  City of Bulawayo's Coat of Arms is a protected emblem used for OFFICIAL Council communication to its stakeholders. The use of the City of Bulawayo Coat of Arms without authorization from the Council is an offence."

In terms of Armorial Bearings, Names, Uniforms and Badges Chapter 10: 01. Secticon29(1), "any person who. without the authorization of the person concerned, uses a heraldic representation (Coat of Arms) which has been registered in terms of section fifteen, knowing that he required such an authorisation shall be held liable to an offence."

Any persons found using the Crest without prior authority from Council will be prosecuted according to the Laws of Zimbabwe.

Source - Shelton Muchena