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Esigodini teacher launches 4th book

by Staff reporter
27 Apr 2021 at 08:08hrs | Views
AN Esigodini teacher and senior pastor at Great Divine Missions Church, Qiniso Mpofu, has penned his fourth book titled But We Piped to You which was launched on Friday in Bulawayo.

In a world riddled with depression, the book is a refreshing read that tackles issues of disappointment from a very unique dimension.

In the book, biblical illustrations are wittily interweaved with daily life issues to help the individual reflect on his/her own life experiences.

The author departs from the traditional methods of counselling a person out of a crisis and infuses deep humour and realism to lighten the burden off the shoulders of the readers.

Speaking to NewsDay Life &Style, the Mvuthu Secondary School teacher said Christian literature had fewer platforms than other genres.

"Humans have been bedevilled by relationship problems from the beginning of time, these being how to deal with power, fulfil one's dreams, handle promotion, disappointment, how to solve conflict, treat neighbours, family and spouses," said.

"Navigating these issues may seemingly look easy, but can prove to be complex and delicate if one lacks the appropriate knowledge of self, conflict management and conflict resolution skills."

Mpofu, who started writing in 2016, said although he had a good readership in Esigodini, he wanted to use Bulawayo as a springboard to push the book across the country.

Some of Mpofu's books include Family is Forever Volume 1 and 2, which tackles family dynamics and Citizens of Eden, which confronts gender issues within the family set up.

Source - newsday

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