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Zanu-PF cajoles business for support

by Staff reporter
05 Jun 2021 at 08:17hrs | Views
THE ruling party Zanu-PF says businesses owe President Emmerson Mnangagwa votes in the 2023 elections since his policies are responsible for their success and they should repay by supporting the president's reelection bid.

This was said by Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services minister Monica Mutsvangwa while on a recent tour of Mutare.

Mutsvangwa claimed that every company that was performing well owed its success to Mnangagwa's government, thus should help his reelection.

She said it would be a befitting payback gesture if companies were to use their money, employees and partners to sponsor Zanu-PF.

The ruling party credits itself with introducing an array of economic policies which it believes marked a turning point from decades of deindustrialisation under the former regime led by the late president Robert Mugabe.

These policies include currency stabilisation, the foreign currency auction system and a friendlier investment climate.

Mutsvangwa said the business community should make use of its resources to bolster Mnangagwa's presidency.

Mnangagwa recently commissioned a plant at Wattle Company, toured Willowton Group and Mega Market Private Limited Company in Mutare where he witnessed the construction of a wheat and maize mill plant.

Mutsvangwa said with such positives emerging under the new dispensation, it was now the turn of captains of industry to pay back Mnangagwa in his preferred currency votes.

"The president and his political dream team have exhibited national genius in national economic management, surplus budgets, stable currency, the forex auction system that prioritises production over present consumption. It's now the turn for business to repay," Mutsvangwa said this as she gave a vote of thanks at the end of Mnangagwa's tour.

She added that the business community was prepared to work with Mnangagwa.

"The businessmen gathered here (Mega Market) are ready to walk with you (Mnangagwa) on this journey to a middle income nation of shared prosperity. Your Excellency, you are so good to our quest for excellence in business. We are strongly motivated to pay you back in the currency you much prefer. Come 2023 elections, we shall all marshall our resources and labour to ensure that you get the election vote. All to a resounding vote to ED (Emmerson Mnangagwa) Pfee!" she thundered.

Mutsvangwa said the business community would ensure that Mnangagwa would be "so pleased by our hard currency of votes in your political pocket come 2023".

Ironically, the unorthodox soliciting for votes came after Mega Market managing director Shiraan Mohammed had just praised the new dispensation for transforming the eco-political narrative "from what business could do for government to what government could do for business".

Source - newsday