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Seh Calaz criticises Mnangagwa's 2nd republic

by Staff reporter
06 Jun 2021 at 08:56hrs | Views
DANCEHALL and reggae chanter Seh Calaz has taken a bold stance by recording a very critical song of President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government.

In a video circulating on social media, Seh Calaz is seen in the studio singing the song, with a Zimbabwean flag, symbolising his love and patriotism to the nation.

In the song, whose message is directed to Mnangagwa, the Mabhanditi supremo sings that the country is in a dire economic meltdown that has forced youths into starvation, unemployment and resorting to crime and drug abuse. Seh Calaz, who hails from Mbare, also sings that the youths are dying from the use and addiction of Guka (crystal myth).

Ironically, Mbare is famous for drug abuse which has had a large bearing on the lives of hordes of youths and left others mentally unstable.

The artiste goes on to mention that the youths have been crying foul for long and sending messages but alas the communique fell on deaf ears. He goes on to say the youths, who are ask-ing for better living conditions and questioning the current Mnangagwa administration are doing so out of the love of the nation as opposed to detractors. However, the snippet of the video which garnered lots of views on social media has sparked mixed reactions from fans.

Some said the Mbare-born chanter's song might land him in hot soup with state security agents like what happened to other musicians, who have been critical of the Zanu-PF-led government.

Two years ago Zimdancehall musician Platinum Prince was allegedly abducted and brutally assaulted by a group of unidentified, masked and armed men a few hours after he had arrived back in Zimbabwe from a South Africa tour.

The dancehall musician had recently released a track titled Ndiyo Yacho Here Mr President, which was critical of Mnangagwa's government's failure to address the economic challenges in the country.

Winky D was forced to abandon his show after missiles were thrown onto the stage as he was about to begin his performance at Kwekwe's King Solomon's Hotel.

Kwekwe is Mnangagwa's home town and speculation was that the skirmishes could have been connected to the Gafa President's politically charged track Kasong Ke-Jecha, which he had just re-leased.

"Seh Calaz has released a song for @edmnangagwa on the dire state of the country; speaking truth to power. Well done @SehCalazMusic!," says a caption of the video posted by Team Pachedu on its Twitter handle @ PacheduZW.

As of yesterday morning, the video had garnered several thousand views on various Twitter platforms.

"I hope they won't terrorise him for this. I am glad he did this," reacted one The Nurse @LassiNhukaz on the Team Pachedu's post.

GNU for What said: "Typical musicians that understand what the public is going through! Well done #SehcalazMusic."

The song comes at a time when Zanu-PF is trying to woe the youth vote using Zimdance-hall artistes.

In February, Mnangagwa conferred liberation hero status to late Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love, which saw the musician being interred at the Harare provincial heroes' acre. The move was seen as trying to win the ur-ban vote, particularly the support of the youth by Zanu-PF. The musician could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Source - the standard