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Intelligence tactics, not juju saved Big Josh, says ex-aide

by Staff reporter
01 Jul 2021 at 16:29hrs | Views
The late Father Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo is known to have evaded many assassination attempts by his enemies during the liberation struggle, hence the name Chibwe Chitedza.

As the country marks 22 years since the death of Father Zimbabwe, we reflect on how military intelligence tactics used to outsmart his opponents fuelled rumours that he possessed super natural powers.

He has been described by many as a revolutionary, a visionary, a luminary, a pan - Africanist, a unifier and a freedom fighter par excellence.

It was his ability to thwart enemy plots that fuelled rumours that Big Josh, as he was affectionately known, possessed super natural powers to transform into a cat, rock or woman in the face of danger.   

Others claimed that his knobkerrie known as "induku" was behind his powers.

"We remember Big Josh so profoundly and his passing still hurts like it was yesterday. I truly believe though that Nkomo had some sort of powers that he was given by "abaphansi" (ancestors). We hear his knobkerrie was behind his powers," said an acquaintance of the late national hero.

Another added, "We also heard that stories during the struggle that he would mysteriously disappear or turn into a rock or cat when he was in danger."

"I heard that a magician failed to perform his tricks after Big Josh challenged him to try one time. So, he was indeed a powerful man," said another.

However, these were just myths according to one of Father Zimbabwe's top aides, Albert Nguluvhe, who speaks about the various intelligence tactics that were used to ensure the safety of the late liberation stalwart.

"I have also heard about those stories, but I worked with him from 1978 and there was nothing like that that ever happened. The truth of the matter is that the late Vice President took advice given by his well-trained security team including Fidel Castro's personal body guards who were assigned to him. That is how our leader managed to survive the many assassination plots against him.

"In some cases, Big Josh survived through luck for example on the day that the Freedom Camp was bombed, he was supposed to go and address people there, but the keys to the escort car could not be found and that led to him delaying his trip. If he had not delayed, he would have fallen victim. So, Nkomo's prowess and that of the security team always saved the day," said Nguluvhe.

The late Father Zimbabwe's military exploits will always stand out as we reflect on his selfless sacrifice, commitment and dedication to the freedom of Zimbabwe.

Today the nation stands proud to have fulfilled his wishes for unity " ukubambana" and the distribution of land to the black majority "umhlabathi ebantwini"  that he  fought so hard for.

Source - zbc