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Masvingo rubbishes AG Chiri's report

by Staff reporter
11 Aug 2021 at 07:28hrs | Views
MASVINGO City Council (MCC) management has rubbished the auditor general's report on the misappropriation of Covid 19 funds with the town clerk accusing the AG of lying and leaving out key information in her final report.

The AG,  Mildred Chiri in her report noted the MCC procured equipment items for the Rujeko isolation centre on 6 June last year using Covid-19 funds.

The total cost of the items was valued at  $474 458 and they included a television, overhead projector, printer, camera, smartphone and radio.

"However, my visit to Rujeko isolation centre on 6 December 2020 revealed the above-mentioned items were not at the centre. Also, my visit to city council on December 11  2020 indicated these items were not in the storeroom," said Chiri in her report.

"I was unable to determine the whereabouts."

However, the MCC town clerk Edward Mukaratirwa has come out guns blazing and accused the AG of lying.

He said he was baffled as to why the AG noted that she had not seen the procured items when in fact she was shown the ‘missing' equipment during her visit at the townhouse.

"These auditors, I sometimes wonder why they don't consider management responses. The items were in the public relations office and the auditors were shown the items and a report was written on why they were kept in that office," Mukaratirwa said.

Pressed why the local authority chose to buy a television, camera, smartphone and radio for the Covid-19  isolation centre, items which have little to do with patients being admitted at the centre, Mukaratirwa said the items were bought to conduct Covid-19 awareness programmes around the city.

"The equipment was meant for Covid-19 awareness programmes and this is done by the health department in conjunction with the public relations section. So, there was nothing amiss in having the equipment being kept in that office (public relations)."

Source - newzimbabwe