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Thunder showers expected today

by Staff reporter
26 Oct 2021 at 05:39hrs | Views
Localised heavier downpours were recorded yesterday in Nyanga and Gweru as isolated thunder showers are also expected today in areas along the main watershed and western districts of Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South, the Meteorological Services Department(MSD) has forecasted.

The department stated that warm and moist winds from the northwest, coupled with a relatively cooler and moist south-easterly airflow yesterday resulted in thunderstorms over much of the country with localised heavier downpours in places such as Nyanga (56mm) and Gweru (22mm).

"However, the south-easterly winds are beginning to weaken, while a cloud band over Botswana is driving moisture into the western parts of the country.
  "In areas along the main watershed and western districts of Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South Province, brief cloudy conditions are expected with isolated afternoon thunderstorms. Mild at first becoming hot by midday.

"Manicaland, Masvingo and southern parts of Matabeleland South should be cool and cloudy at first with patchy morning drizzle becoming less cloudy and warm by afternoon.

"All other areas (much of Mashonaland West, East and Central) are anticipated to be most sunny hot and humid, becoming mild towards evening," said the MSD.

 The department warned that cool and cloudy conditions in the southern parts of the country could have negative impacts on poultry, some crops and the health of people of an ill-disposition, the elderly and young children.

"Heat to the northern parts of the country increases the risk of dehydration. Lightning is a major risk during this period. Mosquitoes proliferate during this season," said the MSD.

The public has been urged to keep weather-ready for specific areas and dress accordingly for instance warm for the south, and sunhat in the north if one needs to be outdoors.
The public has been advised to keep well hydrated, and where possible stay in the shade.

The Meteorological Services Department gave a forecast of a normal to above normal rainfall for the whole of the coming rainy season.
Violent storms and flash floods are more likely to occur during the coming season.

Heavy downpours in a short space of time may occur during the season and there is a possibility of prolonged dry spells occurring during the season.  

The MSD said the occurrence of tropical cyclones was a possibility during the season, prolonged periods with high temperatures are highly likely while the prevalence of malaria and water-borne diseases is more likely.

"Soil conservation techniques such as construction of contours and storm drains has to be done.

"High rainfall may mean increase in livestock disease therefore farmers should stock up on dipping chemicals and ensure consistent dipping," said the MSD.

Source - The Herald
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