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Mnangagwa tells UK not to meddle in Zimbabwe affairs

by Staff reporter
01 Dec 2021 at 05:37hrs | Views
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has said Government will institute full and thorough investigations into the United Kingdom's unwarranted and blatant interference in Zimbabwe's internal affairs, which is contrary to rules and precepts of Geneva Conventions which regulate inter-state relations.

This comes as the UK House of Lords recently spent time debating Zimbabwe, with members concocting lies and falsehoods alleging fictitious human rights abuses against opposition members in yet another plot to make African countries and the world at large to isolate Zimbabwe.

During their debate, the British brazenly ignored strides made by the Second Republic in entrenching the rule of law and constitutionalism and also arresting corrupt Government officials.

In the ensuing debate, the British also revealed that their government has been interfering in Zimbabwe's internal affairs.

Minister of State, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Mr Tariq Mahmood Ahmad also said they are working closely with teachers' unions in Zimbabwe.

"We certainly have been meeting in Harare with various unions, including teaching unions, most recently in September 2021 on salaries and the impact of Covid-19.

Trade unions form an important part of civil society in any country, and we engage with them at all levels," he said.

"We are engaged very much with South Africa and, yes, it wants to see a progressive, inclusive Zimbabwe as part of the region and the wider world. Zimbabwe holds ambitions to join the Commonwealth as well. It is a collective effort.

I do not think that one country alone can influence the progression and inclusiveness of democracy.

It is therefore, important that we, together with key partners, continue to play this role."

The House of Lords, which is the second house of the Parliament of the UK, also spoke against the Patriot Bill, saying they want to see that "the rule of law is restored and freedom of speech and political freedoms are protected" in Zimbabwe.

Addressing the nation last night, President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe is a sovereign State thus the UK including all other foreign legislative bodies have no jurisdiction over the country.

The President said the brazen disclosure was yet another confirmation of unwarranted and blatant interference in the country's affairs.

He said Zimbabwe is a sovereign State that has been independent from colonial rule since 1980 and is not even affiliated to the Commonwealth, a body which it voluntarily quit over differences related to her just land reform programme.

"Let me draw your attention to recent development on our bilateral relations with the British government.

Only last week, our country Zimbabwe became a subject of unmerited focus and debate in the British House of Lords," he said.

"The British extra-territorial concern by a foreign legislature on a sovereign African State, which is a full and equal member of the United Nations, is grossly unwarranted in terms of tenets of international law and practice."

The President reminded the British government that teachers are civil servants employed by the Zimbabwean Government to work in the country.

"Equally, civic groups and teachers employed by the Zimbabwe Government to work in Zimbabwe are not employees of the British government whether by contract or by remuneration.

Their activities, singly or in combination have nothing to do with the British government, or any foreign government for that matter," he said.

"Because of this brazen, self-confessed violation of our sovereignty and threat to our national security and stability by the British government, my Government will institute full and thorough investigations into this very grave matter."

Source - The Chronicle
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