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Kambarami criticises new parking system

by Staff reporter
27 Feb 2022 at 07:30hrs | Views
FORMER Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Mr Tinashe Kambarami and sitting councillors, including the Mayor, Councillor Solomon Mguni, have been involved in a war of words on social media over the parking management system that was recently implemented in the city.

A couple of weeks ago, the local authority in partnership with Tendy Three Investments (TTI), launched the parking management system in the city which was met by a public outcry, with motorists and residents saying the money being charged was exorbitant.

According to the set charges, motorists pay US$1 for 30 minutes in the prime parking bays and US$1 for an hour in the ordinary parking bays.

Mr Kambarami took to Facebook to criticise the project claiming that the entire business model was not workable where the local authority gets just 30 percent of the revenue raised through the system.

"The so called Tendy Three parking is not adding value to our dilapidated infrastructure, instead they only came with their billing machines to collect money.

This will not work, we stand with residents of Bulawayo. Someone comes to your house with an invoice book then they paint your doors and the gate, then you allow them to collect 70 percent of your rentals from tenants leaving you with 30 percent.

Revisit the whole business partnership arrangement and revise those exorbitant fees," wrote the former Deputy Mayor.

He further noted that the local authority was frustrating business establishments in the city noting the need for the local authority to widely consult before implementing charges.

"This has affected sales for businesses around those Tendy Three parking areas. Someone will decide to go and park their cars where they won't be charged to park meaning they'll buy closer to those areas for convenience.

You're basically destroying businesses from the few enterprises we have in Bulawayo," wrote Mr Kambarami.

However, the former Deputy Mayor's sentiments did not go down well with sitting councillors, who called him out revealing that he had been part of the council that endorsed the TTI deal.

"Tinashe Kambarami, your open criticism of council that you were part of when this deal was being negotiated exposes you brother.

Let sleeping dogs lie brother.

You will be exposed," retorted Clr Mguni.

Ward seven Councillor, Shadreck Sibanda accused Mr Kambarami of not understanding how businesses operate.

He said the 30 percent share to council was entirely profit going into the local authority's coffers.

"Kodwa leader lawe wenzani ngathi awu understand i-business (But leader you act as if you do not understand business), in your businesses you used to be a tenant how much did you used to pay the owner of the building compared to what you were making, mind you this company has expenses to pay and profit to make, Council is getting 30 percent share as profit, And you think it's a bad deal.

How much did you want them to get?" said Clr Sibanda.

Source - The Sunday News