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Western media lies inflaming war in Ukraine

by Staff reporter
03 Mar 2022 at 05:38hrs | Views
If the world is not careful, Western media will have people hate the nation whose interests and borders are under intense security threat, while applauding those advancing a nefarious one world order agenda. Conflicts in the world are not an accident.

The Chinese government recently indicated that 80 percent of world conflicts since 1945 have been caused by the Unites States. In simple lexicon, the US is a threat to world security and peace.

The post-colonial biases towards Western ideological orientations have proven inherent in many Africans whose propositions have been that they are independent.

Images of events in happening in Ukraine after Russia's special military operation last Thursday expose a failure by many to critically understand the genesis and context of the conflict.

Western media has created a body of superficial knowledge to contextualise Russia as the aggressor and vindicate the actions of the US, EU and the NATO military alliance.

The same is the same methodology western media corporations used as the pretext to invade Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011.

Unfortunately, the world is being bought into the lie of the framing and ideological narrative of the West in the Russia-Ukraine débâcle. The Russo-Ukraine hard affair did not start last month.

It started in 2014 when the democratically elected Ukrainian government was overthrown by former US President Barack Obama in an illegal coup and replaced with an anti-Russian regime that would go on to commit daily war crimes against ethnic Russians in the Donbass region.

Atrocities committed by the western backed neo-Nazi army and parallel forces in Luhansk and Donetsk (Donbass Region) have been kept a secret in western media. Ukraine has evidently become a western proxy in the west's attempt to dominate Eastern Europe and extend NATO influence and unilateralism.

In enforcing Nazism, the US and NATO have traditionally armed these groups. They say the Nazis never really lost WWII. It is equally true, too, that the Russians never lost the Cold War. With that, the world is steadily heading for a multipolar world and as usual, the Anglosphere will be the last to accept this as its media is working to keep the truth from the people.

In this war or conflict, the explanations of the USA, NATO and the EU are logically inconsistent, empirically inaccurate and prescriptively deficient. The West is not ready to help the situation.

Russia's remedy for boldness

The developments happening between the Kremlin and the western alliances in the Russo-Ukraine conflict is an old practice that has characterised international politics and behaviours of states through what is known as deterrence.

There is a risk to interpret these events as the "end of the world" because of Russia's position to put on alert its nuclear deterrence forces. What the Russian government has done is a political prerequisite to push for cooperation with its western adversaries or potential adversaries in the face of a credible security threat as NATO, backed by the US, is expanding east.

The deterrent mechanisms which Russia has put in place are an important instrument in international politics for failed relationships and communities. This might not be ideally the first choice, but a necessary recourse.

This is happening against the post-Cold War agreements in which the US pledged it will not violate. Using Ukraine as a shield under the pretext that it is joining NATO and the EU is a threat being built against Russia and a violation of international agreements.

The risk of such is to find ways to make meaningful concessions, pursue engagement and reach many agreements that clearly show the neutrality of Ukraine.

As Russia faces a credible threat, the essence of its deterring actions is to prevent the US and NATO from pursuing issues that are threatening to harm its interests, safety and security. Russia will not stop using all political options on the table to manipulate western behaviour to negotiate from at least this much strength.

The the revolution in military affairs can promote less reliance on deterrence by retaliatory threats, support better collective management of peace and security and permit us to outgrow nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.

Unashamedly hiding the truth

International western media has mixed-up facts of what is going on by starting at the immediate, and not the historical. On February 14 this year, the government of Ukraine along with their nationalist battalions received at least 2 000 tonnes of advanced weapons, ammunition and protective equipment from Britain, Canada, Lithuania, Poland and the US.

This came after US President Joe Biden had approved a US$200 million package of additional military assistance for Ukraine that included anti-tank systems, grenade launchers, firearms, a large amount of ammunition and other equipment.

In total, successive governments since the Obama era committed US$2,7 billion in military assistance to Ukraine, with US$650 million coming in 2021.

American military equipment, training and instructors have been deployed to Ukraine to train neo-Nazi and nationalist battalions of on sabotage and guerrilla operations, anti-tank weapons and counter-battery warfare.

The Formidable Bear

One of the most celebrated politicians in Europe during the nineteenth century, Germany's Otto Von Bismarck gave a truly prescriptive statement of what the world is seeing about Russia today.

"Make alliances with anyone, start any wars, but never touch the Russians," he said.

Western media has today created a cloud of fake news and informational chaos against Russia. This chaos is being believed without verification. But never trust the West with pieces of information.

In Iraq, they later acknowledged they acted on false intelligence, in Libya they armed terror group to fight the government and assassinate Col Muammar Gaddafi and about Russia, they deliberately alarm the world that Vladimir Putin is going for broke to disturb world peace.

The symbol of the strength of Russia is the bear. An avalanche of western propaganda has been rolled and churned to discredit Russia's position. A replication of some issues about the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 is what should inform the shaping of independent thoughts and narratives about what is going on.

Latin and North America, even the Caribbean, are spheres of influence for the US as much as the east and former Soviet Republics are for Russia. Explanations that seek to dispel this position are just but fake rhetoric propagating informational chaos.

Under a very tense environment of this information propaganda, Russia is working mightily to reduce the probability on an all-out-war from breaking out though it still faces a credible threat.

The West has only played by one rule from their war book. However, relying on the irrationality of imposition of sanctions does not really solve the threat credibility problem. Russia has just used the Ukraine experiment that multilateralism is the way to a secure and stable future.

Source - The Herald
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