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Zanu-PF MP, councilor clash over donations

by Staff reporter
11 Mar 2022 at 19:20hrs | Views
Zaka Central Member of Parliament Davison Svuure left villagers shocked after he blocked food aid donations sourced by ward 13 councilor Manfred Mada meant to benefit villagers, claiming that he was the only one with the right to source such donations, a move some said is a bid to consolidate his position as the front runner for the 2023 harmonized elections.

Mada said Svuure went further to write a letter to the District Development Coordinator (DDC) Memory Dhliwayo dated February 22, 2022 instructing him to stop the donations.

"I however have reservations over the activities of one Tzuchi Foundation, an affiliate of Miriro Trust for which I apparently happen to be a Founding Board Member. I noted with concern as I have observed this organization being hijacked by Mr Manfred Mada, its local representative, and transformed into a campaign vehicle in pursuit of his political aspirations.

"Mr Mada happens to be the councilor for ward 13 in Zaka Central Constituency, a known political activist and an aspiring candidate for the forthcoming House of Assembly elections. Mr Mada coordinates the activities of Miriro Trust/Tzuchi Foundation and he has literally transformed this organization into a vehicle for his political expediency," read part of the letter by Svuure.

The letter went on to stipulate that volunteers are being used as campaigners in different wards.

"I have seen the sprouting up of unsanctioned programmes across the constituency which initially started in wards 13 and 15 but now spreading to ward 19 and others. I have also noticed an establishment of campaign agents disguised as volunteers who have been set up in the above mentioned wards. Their real purpose has remained a guarded secret but they masquerade as community workers. This group of so called volunteers ironically now brooding discontent because of these recruits are of an antagonistic, vindictive and disloyal personality who are undoubtedly poised for a confrontation and have lately been causing problems especially on input distribution programmes, which have been characterized by looting, especially in ward 19," the letter read.

However contacted for comment Davison Svuure said he had no comment over the issue.

"I have no comment on that. Besides, l have a way of addressing that and other issues that pertain people that vote for me like you say and I do not believe doing that through the press is the best," said Svuure.

Mada said that Svuure was frustrated as villagers claimed that he has done nothing towards development of the constituency since he was elected MP.

"I have a donor named TzuChi Foundation from Taiwan, an organization which has a well signed MOU with the government that was giving the villagers rice and other things, so this frustrates MP Svuure as the villagers are complaining that he has done nothing towards development of the constituency as compared to me. This led him to write a letter to DDC blocking people from receiving food aid. When l tried to talk to the DDC she said she will not get involved because its politics," said Mada.

Efforts to get a comment from Dhliwayo were fruitless until the time of publishing.

It is said that Mada is eying Zaka Central constituency come 2023 hence the clashes with Svuure.

This is not the first time the two have clashed as they once clashed in 2021 when councillors demanded accountability from Svuure for the 2020 Constituency Development Fund (CDF). It is reported that Svuure accused Mada of having no knowledge on how CDF works.

Source - TellZim News