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Passion Java warns Sir Wicknell

by Staff reporter
11 Mar 2022 at 20:00hrs | Views
Prophet Passion Java has warned business mogul Sir Wicknell Chivayo for signing a petition to deport him from the United States.

Earlier this week social media was left abuzz after Zimcelebs took to their Instagram alleging that Sir Wicknel had signed the petition.

Responding, the self-styled prophet and staunch Zanu-PF supporter wrote: "But Sir Wickenel ka ..."

The self-proclaimed prophet, through his spokesperson Boss Lashan, said there was very little on the case to worry him.

"This is a petty issue that we would not want to dwell on. I would rather not comment about it," said Boss Lashan, speaking on behalf of Java.

However, statements on social media, which have been widely distributed, appear to suggest Chivayo has distanced himself from the plot.

"The US will never deport a millionaire because random people signed a petition, I am a strong Zanu-PF supporter and I side with all ED (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) loyalists," Chivayo is said to have clarified.

The petition, which was raised by Kurauone, has received mixed reactions on social media.

A political activist, Godfrey Kurauone, set the petition on change. com, triggering people to sign it in favour of Java's deportation.

The petition has since garnered over 11 000 signatures from the people who are in favour of his deportation.

The petition reads: "Panganai Passion Java, a self-proclaimed prophet, enjoys permanent resident status in the USA while he goes back to Zimbabwe to actively support a regime that is killing citizens, violating fundamental rights and stealing national resources. he uses state resources to move around the country buying votes for Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa.

"The State Department of the United States has, through its Secretary of State, the power to begin the process of revoking Mr Passion Java's permanent resident status. The USA policy is to support freedom, democracy and prosperity for the people of Zimbabwe and to this end has imposed restrictive measures on individuals who aide human rights violations and undermine democracy in Zimbabwe. Mr Java is one such culprit and should be sanctioned and barred from coming to the USA and his accounts frozen.

"Passion Java, stays in the United States with his wife Lily and children and currently he is in Zimbabwe where he is running President Emmerson Mnangagwa campaigns for the imminent 2023 elections."

Recently the flamboyant prophet, who reached two million followers on his Instagram account, suffered criticism from the netizens following his outfit at the event.

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