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Andy Muridzo, Stunner in nasty fight

by Staff reporter
27 Mar 2022 at 07:28hrs | Views
Afro-fusion singer Andy Muridzo and rapper Stunner (real name Desmond Chideme) are currently trading barbs after a fallout over a video shoot of the song "Tichaona", a collaboration they released a couple of weeks ago.

The song was composed by Stunner.

However, what started off as a blossoming bromance is increasingly becoming acrimonious.

Andy Muridzo is now accusing Stunner of side-lining him from the video project.

In fact, the "Dherira" hitmaker has called the rapper a "lazy fraudster" who used him.

The gifted vocalist argues he had every reason to be part of the video project just as much as he was "prioritised" during audio recording.

In the new video, "Tichaona", Stunner goes it alone and only acknowledges Andy Muridzo through a credit that appears at the beginning of the video.

"Stunner is a fraudster! How can he proceed to shoot a video without me after we did the song together? To be honest, he simply wants to gain mileage through my effort by not fully crediting me," fumed Muridzo.

"I gave him conditions for the video, which he ignored. If I was not important, why did he choose me for the audio recording?"

The two musicians reportedly largely disagreed on the video format though they initially agreed to have some scenes shot in both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The entire video was later shot in Mzansi.

Stunner, however, has come out guns blazing, accusing Muridzo of being unprofessional.

"Andy (Muridzo) is a disorganised guy who cannot take his music career seriously. He is always drunk.

‘‘I chose to shoot the video without him after I failed to get him to commit on several occasions. He always stood me up each time I arranged to meet with him for logistics." The two have worked together before, as Stunner featured on Andy Muridzo's video "Zvipande" a couple of years back.

"He is simply not serious! He needs to improve and be professional," added the Tazoita Cash Records founder.

Even fellow singer ExQ, who previously worked with Muridzo during their stint with the Jah Prayzah-fronted Military Touch Movement (MTM), agrees with Stunner.

ExQ, Andy Muridzo, Nutty O and Tahle Wedzinza were once members of the ambitious but now-defunct MTM, which was rumoured to have been formed to contain a then on-fire Muridzo, who posed direct competition to Jah Prayzah.

"Andy is a cry baby and clearly lacks focus. He is always fighting with promoters and his fellow colleagues in the industry. I am not surprised by this development because I know him (Andy Muridzo) well. This is typical of him," said ExQ.

Andy Muridzo has in the past clashed with Jairos Chabvonga over a song they did together titled "Ngaituruke".

Chabvonga argued Andy Muridzo was claiming ownership to a song he had done most of the work.

Source - The Sunday Mail
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