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Gwayi-Shangani pipeline to be complete before 2023

by Staff reporter
03 Apr 2022 at 07:26hrs | Views
BULAWAYO'S perennial water shortages could soon be a thing of the past amid revelations that the much anticipated Gwayi Shangani pipeline water project will be completed before 2023.

The project has since begun in earnest after the signing of a US$50 million contract with Flowtite South Africa to supply the glass fibre reinforced pipes needed for the pipeline last month.

The Lake Gwayi-Shangani and the pipeline are a major Government priority with the pipeline not just expected to benefit Bulawayo, but communities along the route in Matabeleland North province.

In addition, there will be at least five take away points where water can be diverted to other towns and for irrigation to create a green belt along the way.

Government has also increased the number of contractors that will lay the 245 kilometre pipeline from Lake Gwayi-Shangani to Bulawayo to 11, to ensure water is pumped to the city by the end of this year.

Each contractor has been given at least 21km to work on.

The construction of the lake itself is expected to be completed this year, with the facility already holding some water from recent rains.

Writing on his weekly article to the nation which is published in this paper, President Mnangagwa revealed that the project was progressing well and everything was in place to ensure the completion of the project before 2023.

He however, castigated the appalling infrastructure vandalism that was taking place in the country revealing that this had since affected pumping at the Epping Forest Waterworks in Nyamandlovu which could adversely affect the water situation in Bulawayo.

"With the Gwayi-Shangani Piped Water Project whose construction has now started in earnest, Bulawayo's water woes should be resolved conclusively before 2023.

Along the way, that pipeline will be depositing water, to turn Matabeleland into a sustainable green belt.

My working visit to Matabeleland only two weeks ago revealed appalling vandalisation of infrastructure in our country.

This is particularly so in respect of infrastructure for our national electricity grid.

This vandalism, which has also affected Epping Waterworks in Nyamandlovu, must come to an end," he said.

He warned those dabbling on the wrong side of the law that it will catch up with them.

"They will only have themselves to blame.

They are drawing us back," said the President.

Commenting on the vandalism taking place at Epping Forest, Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) corporate communications and marketing manager, Mrs Marjorie Munyonga said there has been an increase in vandalism of power infrastructure feeding into the Waterworks which was in turn affecting water delivery to the city.

"Of late there has been vandalism of power infrastructure that feeds into Nyamandlovu (Rochester) Area and Epping Forest.

To date, a total of five transformers have been vandalised, affecting some of the boreholes at Nyamandlovu.

Zinwa cannot therefore pump using those boreholes whose transformers were vandalised. Electricity breakers and meters have also been vandalised.

This has thus seriously affected Zinwa's pumping capacity from the Epping Forest and Nyamandlovu to the City of Bulawayo," said Mrs Munyonga.

Source - The Sunday News