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Goblins unleashes a reign of terror

by Staff reporter
08 Apr 2022 at 09:38hrs | Views
Randy goblins have unleashed a reign of terror in Nkayi's Hojeni Village, with their insatiable sexual attacks forcing teachers at Hojeni Primary School to flee their dwellings amid claims by villagers that the creatures belonged to villagers that sought wealth through black magic.

The situation became so bad that Matabeleland North education authorities threatened to close the school if the community failed to exorcise the institution and the community of the troublesome creatures.

The now visible objects include snakes and some creatures called ondofa(goblins) in iSiNdebele which are reported to have been having sex with teachers forcing them to abandon their cottages.

A number of them had sought shelter from villagers as the creatures did not give them rest during the night.

School pupils are said to have been fainting at school which saw Nkayi district education officials calling a meeting in which they threatened to close the school if the community did not take action.

Councillor for the area Vinika Ncube confirmed the development and said the cleansing ceremony would be ongoing until the whole village was cleansed.

"We had a problem at Hojeni Primary School as teachers were complaining of being sexually harassed during the night by invisible things.

Some of them left the school while others were now sleeping at villagers' homesteads. The education officials threatened to close the school so the community came together to find a solution. People contributed money to bring people who can help us and we found a Bishop Sweswe.

"We have seen snakes and other objects which you cannot believe exist. You should come here and see for yourselves what is happening. The people who owned these things have confessed without duress that it is their things and we hope once the whole village is cleansed we will have peace," said the councillor.

A village head from the area Anderson Matikiti Sibanda said the situation had gone out of hand.

"Some of the things wanted food from teachers while others abused them sexually. Since we brought Bishop Sweswe from Gwanda all villagers are being vetted and while others come clean others have been found with the things you saw circulating on social media platforms.

Other items recovered

Some of the villagers have run away to Bulawayo and other areas in fear of having their creatures exposed. We will escalate the issue to the headman and chief because everyone attended the meeting where a decision was taken to bring the bishop," he said.

In one video which is circulating, the bishop and his team can be seen dealing with a black and white snake that has a "cobra" head.

After pouring what appears to be water several times while the "snake" lifts its head ready to strike, the bishop pushes its head down before subduing it.

While he does this, there is singing of a Zion Church song with just one word "Amen" which is repeated and transformed several times.

In another picture, the bishop is seen with what appears as a python snake rolled in his hand which he holds by his hand.

"One woman who had creatures taken from her house actually confessed that the creatures were seriously sexually abusing her day and night resulting in her developing sores in her private parts. She pleaded for help. Some of the snakes and these creatures were being kept in bedrooms under beds.

Before removing the creatures he would call us as village heads to see the creatures and we bolted from the houses in fear. Some of the things you can't even describe," said village head Matikiti Sibanda.

A villager, Mark Ndlovu, said the whole village was in support of what was happening as the situation was also affecting villagers.

"We have never seen this in the village. People are in disbelief seeing the creatures that are coming out of their neighbours' homesteads. It's sad the extent some people go to in search of a good life instead of working hard. We have one family which just became rich overnight with cars and cattle and we thought they were working in South Africa not knowing that it is the creatures which are bringing them money," he said.

Source - B-Metro