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What a shame!. . . .UZ students walks into trap

by Staff reporter
08 Apr 2022 at 10:11hrs | Views
A MARRIED law student, who is a police officer, was caught by her husband in a naked state on the bed of her lover in Domboshava on Tuesday night.

H-Metro were exclusive witnesses to the drama.

Spiwe Chawanda, a University of Zimbabwe (UZ) law student, a police officer at Chiwaridzo Police Station in Bindura, was exposed by her lover, Leo Mandaza.

His love messages were caught by her husband, Nelson Gomondo.

After the two men had chatted about the affair, after the text messages surfaced, they connived to trap Spiwe, as they felt she had betrayed both of them.

Leo said Spiwe made him believe that she was single and the two had been in a relationship for more than a year.

A trap was set and Leo informed Gomondo that Spiwe would visit his home in Domboshawa for the night.

Leo Mandaza and Spiwe

He left the door unlocked to enable Gomondo to enter the house.

Spiwe pleaded with H-Metro for forgiveness and offered a residential stand in Bindura for the story to be spiked.

She told H-Metro she was retaliating since Gomondo had impregnated her younger sister twice six years ago.

"I have lost affection for Gomondo for forcing my younger sister to abort two pregnancies six years ago," said Spiwe.

"Zvemurume uyu ini handichada saka ndakazodanana na Leo.

"We are living together and he has been supporting the children, to be honest, I no longer have feelings for him (Gomondo).

"I do not know how he came to know that I was here, but ini handichada nezvake."

Leo said anger had driven him to expose Spiwe.

"I have been dating this woman for one year and two months and some of my relatives know this," said Leo.

"She told me that she had separated from her husband and she would come to my place and sleep here several times.

"I was once married, but I divorced my wife in 2014 after I caught her bedding another man. That incident affected me emotionally.

"When I heard from Gomondo that Spiwe was his wife, I agreed to expose this out of anger.

"I know how it hurts to be cheated by a wife, that is why I informed Gomondo about Spiwe's visit to my house."

Gomondo confirmed impregnating Spiwe's younger sister, Jane, and forcing her to abort twice.

"It happened but it is not a reason for her to leave her children and come to sleep with another man here," said Gomondo.

"Mukaona imba yatakavaka kuBindura achitora mota yangu kuzorara muimba yekumusha zvinorwadza chaizvo.

"She has been attending her law lectures at UZ and the family thought she was sleeping at the campus, unaware that she was in this adultery.

"She has sold her dignity, she has ruined our marriage, I discovered their love messages and decided to reason with Leo, leading to all this.

"I want to thank God for exposing this, as well as Leo for cooperating with me, to catch her red-handed."

Gomondo, Spiwe and Leo had a meeting that lasted until midnight.

They were all sitting on Leo's bed.

Her Toyota Harrier was parked in Leo's yard.

Spiwe is known as a good volleyball player in Mashonaland Central Province.

Source - H-Metro
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