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July Moyo reads riot act to councils

by Staff reporter
13 Apr 2022 at 06:33hrs | Views
LOCAL Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo yesterday read the riot act to councils over the manner in which they are wantonly suspending or firing senior officials without following laid down procedures, costing ratepayers money.

In a Ministerial directive to all mayors and chairpersons of local authorities, Minister Moyo said the law should be followed on the firing and suspension of senior council employees.

 "The Ministry is greatly concerned by the manner in which some councils are discharging town clerks or secretaries and other senior council employees in violation of sections (123) (I) (e), 139 (2), and 140 (2) of the Urban Council's Act (chapter 29:15).

"According to section 123 (e), it is the function of the Local Government Board to approve the discharge of senior officials," he said.

Minister Moyo said the same Act in section 139 (2) further elaborates that a council shall not discharge a town clerk unless the discharge has been approved by the Local Government Board whereas section 140 (2) sets the conditions for the discharge of senior officials.

"I do hereby in terms of Section 313 of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15) direct local authorities to abide by the provisions of the said Act before effecting dismissal," he said.

This comes as CCC party members recently came up with a plan to make Harare City Council ungovernable by sacking management deemed anti-opposition and imposing their corrupt cronies.

The situation been chaotic at the opposition-led council with councillors jostling to impose managers that can cover the tracks of their corrupt deeds.

All the top directors at Harare City Council are on suspension, but on full salary and benefits, the same privilege being enjoyed by those in acting capacities, draining the cash-strapped council of money that could be channelled towards service delivery.

Source - The Herald