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Bulawayo experiences COVID -19 decrease in first, second dose recipients

by Stephen Jakes
18 Apr 2022 at 07:34hrs | Views
BULAWAYO Provincial Covid-19 has experienced low numbers of people who have taken both the first and second dose of the COVID 19 vaccinations due to a number of challenges.

Bulawayo's weekly report states that the Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Marphios Siamuchembu said there has been low numbers of people who have taken both doses.

"The total number of people that received the first and second doses of COVID vaccines during the week under review was 491 and 374 respectively. The number of people who received the first and second dose of COVID 19 vaccine decreased during the week under review compared to the number (15200 and 1248 respectively) in the previous week," report reads.

Siamuchembu said according to the MoHCC National Daily SitReps for 7 April 2022 to 13 April 2022, the overall provincial coverage for the first dose was at 60.6% and second dose was at 47.1% during the week under review.

He said the vaccination of children is still happening.

"COVID-19 Vaccination targeting the 12 to 15 year olds is on-going after the 14-day vaccination campaign. School-based vaccination of 16 to 17 year olds with assistance from partners is on-going," Siamuchembu said.

Siamuchembu said there are several challenges that were  a cause of the decrease in the number of people and school children coming in for the first and second dose.

"One  of the major challenges is there is a long turnaround time for results of samples sent for PCR, leading to delayed contact tracing, reporting, and management of cases. Also there was a breach of isolation protocol by patients on home isolation and those situated in temporary isolation facilities such as boarding schools," report reads.

According to the report there is a difficulty in admitting patients at Ekusileni as the institute cannot admit more than 25 patients due to staff and food shortages.

Source - Byo24News