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Sex worker makes unbearable noise during sex sessions

by Staff reporter
06 May 2022 at 19:32hrs | Views
A SELF-PROCLAIMED sex worker is on the firing line because her landlady accuses her of disturbing her sleep as she makes unbearable noise during sex.

She is also said to be in the habit of wearing clothes that leave nothing to the imagination.

Tryphine Mafa (54) is bitter that her tenant, Dion Makawa (23) brings a lot of men to her house for sex which is usually noisy.

Mafa laid her heart bare and said her tenant is disrespectful as she drapes herself with a skimpy sarong that leaves nothing to imagination.

Mafa believes Dion does that so as to seduce her husband and she is afraid that she will lose her husband to Dion after she stumbled on messages that her hubby exchanged with Dion.

"When Dion is washing her clothes, my husband would sit outside and chat with her. What worries me most is that I have stumbled across messages that they exchanged.

"I have tried to tell her that I understand that it's her job, but she has to respect us and not make noise during her sex sessions but she would accuse me of listening to them. And she would insult me. Due to all that I'm applying for a protection order against Dion," said Mafa.

Dion said: "When I started staying with them, I told them that I'm a sex worker and survive on that and they said they don't have a problem with that.

"I'm shocked because she is always accusing me of making noise during sex, surely how I can I remain quiet when I'm enjoying. And I have to make noise so as to entertain my client. And she knows I don't stay for free, I pay rent."

Mafa breathed a sigh of relief as the presiding magistrate Ulukile Ndlovu granted her a protection order against Dion. Dion was instructed not to bring her clients to her lodgings. And she was ordered not to insult Mafa.

Source - B-Metro
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