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Wifey tug on privates blacks out hubby

by Staff reporter
13 May 2022 at 19:21hrs | Views
A man from Bulawayo apparently feared that he may never be able to use his sexual organ again after his ex-wife allegedly clasped and squeezed it together with his testicles so hard that he struggled to have an erection for almost three weeks.

Ronreth Chipxadu from Burnside suburb claimed that his organ was demobilised for three weeks after his former wife Olitha Ndlovu tried to pull it off during an argument.

He said whenever they had an argument, Olitha had a habit of grabbing his private parts. The incident which nearly had a disastrous ending was heard at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Ronreth was seeking a restraining order against Olitha.

Ronreth claimed that so violent was his ex-wife that she was in the habit of coming to his place to attack him with dangerous weapons such as axes and knives.

"I am here begging the court to help me solve the problems I am facing from my ex-wife. When we divorced, she took all the matrimonial property and surprisingly she is still coming back to my house without my consent to fight with me.

"When fighting with me she uses dangerous and sharp objects like axes and knives saying her intention is to kill me. She is always shouting at me.

Whenever we have a misunderstanding, she pulls my private parts. At one time she pulled my private parts twice and it took almost three weeks for my privates to get an erection," lamented Ronreth.

He said at one time his ex-wife took an axe and threw it at him and fortunately it missed its target. In response Olitha claimed that when she pulled her ex-husband's private parts she had been acting in self-defence.

"I am opposed to his application. He is the one who used to abuse me. After he had a girlfriend, he moved out of the house. When he later returned home, I was on my periods and he asked to have sex with me and I refused and that's when we started fighting.

"While fighting, he strangled me and that's when I reached for his private parts. I did that because he was sexually abusing me. I also dispute that I threw an axe at him," responded Olitha.

In her ruling the presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu ordered Olitha not to verbally and physically abuse her ex-husband, or make threats of violence against him.

The magistrate also ordered her not to visit him at his residence.

Source - B-Metro
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