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Govt must stop docking teachers' salaries

by Staff reporter
23 May 2022 at 06:40hrs | Views
TEACHERS' unions slammed the government for docking salaries of teachers who earlier in the year failed to turn up for work citing incapacitation.

One educator says they only got paid $15 000 after $10 000 was deducted. It is really not fair considering that the educators have been demanding a salary increase for a long time.

They are demanding a basic salary of US$540, but the cash-strapped government has failed to meet the demand resulting in teachers not reporting for duty.

The teachers are yet to establish the main reason for the deductions.

This is coming at a time when the teachers are complaining about the rising cost of living in the context of stagnant salaries, yet the same employer goes on to punish members by deducting more from their salaries.

The deductions are ranging from $4 000 to $14 000, so the teachers are not yet clear whether this is the work of the Public Service Commission regarding those members that had actually absented themselves from work as a result of incapacitation.

It's really a sad development.

Honestly, how can such amounts be deducted for teachers who are already failing to put food on the table.

What pains the most is that the deductions came as a shock and have left and rendered the educators poorer than before.

Government insists that when teachers absent themselves from work, the days are considered as leave without pay.

The employer says when they absent themselves, it means they are away from work illegally, so the pay for the days they are away from work will be deducted.

Source - CITE