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Chamisa's CCC invents plan towards Zimbabwe sanctions removal

by Staff reporter
22 Jul 2022 at 07:38hrs | Views
Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere says her party has invented a comprehensive strategy on how it plans to free the country from two decades of western imposed sanctions if voted into power next year.

Britain, backed by the EU and the US, slapped a targeted travel and trade embargo on some Zimbabwean politicians and firms accused of abetting rights abuses, corruption and poll theft by the then Robert Mugabe led administration.

The powers have adamantly kept the measures in place pending behavioural change by Harare although they have been relaxed gradually.

The Zanu-PF led government has repeatedly blamed sanctions for the country's economic ruin.

Mahere has told the media that CCC has the elusive cure for sanctions contained in a party blueprint set to be launched in the near future.

"We are certainly going to be launching the New Great Zimbabwe blueprint setting out our comprehensive policy alternatives that will set out a detailed plan on how to end Zimbabwe's international isolation as the government in-waiting," she said.

"We have consistently stated that sanctions are not good for any nation.

"As the government-in-waiting, we have a plan to end Zimbabwe's international isolation by building bridges with any progressive nation where it's mutually beneficial.

"It will be important to hear the concerns of nations who have imposed measures against us and address them.

"We choose to have a conversation or dialogue as opposed to resorting to insults in the true spirit of re-engagement."

Government is adamant sanctions were imposed as a form of punishment against its land reform programme which displaced a minority white landowners of European descent from tracts of arable land in the country at the expense of a landless black majority.

Mahere further said the CCC blueprint aimed to respect human rights, eradicate corruption, and reintegrate Zimbabweans who had been divided by political polarization so that the country could move in the same trajectory.

Source - zimlive