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'Mthuli Ncube is out of touch with reality'

by Staff reporter
29 Jul 2022 at 06:52hrs | Views
MARONDERA Urban Business Forum chairperson Emmanuel Danha: "While the supplementary budget was expected and normal in a hyperinflationary economy such as ours, we note with concern the absence of fresh innovative impetus in the form of some relief measures for the SME sector which we represent. It is unfortunate that despite coming from COVID-19-induced drawbacks, Treasury did not see it fit to give the sector some relief whether in tax or favourable loan terms. All we have noted is the new measures to tax us in forex, yet few of us actually trade using same. This will definitely lead to company closures and a difficult operating environment for us."

MDC Alliance Proportional Representation MP Paurina Mpariwa: "We appreciate the initiative by the minister for coming to consult and deliver the mid-term budget so that is at least some kind of consolation because the budget is not sufficient to cover (demands) because of inflation."

National Consumer Rights Association spokesperson Effie Ncube: "With this budget, the government is choosing to bury its head in the sand and pretend unemployment, poverty, hunger, decay of education, road and healthcare infrastructure, shortage of foreign currency, inflation and price instability are not that bad. The government is pretending as if it has a handle on the economy when it does not. The crisis will, therefore, only worsen.''

Bulawayo Central MP (CCC) Nicola Watson: "We are back to the trillions and zillions of dollars.  I doubt there will be growth without resolving the issues around inflation and currency values. Businesses are operating in a hostile environment.''

Wilson Makanyaire, from Hurungwe: "This budget review projects no solution to the bread and butter issues affecting Zimbabweans. We were looking for solutions to the needs of struggling teachers, nurses, doctors and the security sector. Ncube's policy pronouncement are actually the opposite of the state of the economy. He appears to be living in his own fantasy world, that is why he speaks of a budget surplus. But the surplus can only make sense when civil servants are able to afford basic commodities like decent accommodation, food, health, education, decent clothing etc."

Source - NewsDay Zimbabwe