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'Mnangagwa's govt taking country back to Ian Smith era'

by Staff reporter
09 Aug 2022 at 08:29hrs | Views
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) says the current Zanu-PF led government was taking the country back to the dark pre-independence period when the black majority was subjected to tough security laws and other forms of repression by the country's erstwhile white rulers.

In a message to mark the country's 42nd Heroes Day Commemorations on Monday, CiZC spokesperson Obert Masaraure urged Zimbabwe's black rulers to revisit the objectives of the country's liberation struggle and question themselves on whether the aspirations of those who sacrificed life and limb to liberate their compatriots have been met.

"Compatriots; it is disheartening that the multi-faceted crisis prevailing in Zimbabwe reveals a betrayal of the values of our liberation struggle," Masaraure said.

"It is unfortunate that Zimbabwe is commemorating Heroes' Day at a time the democratic space continues to shrink with the government making concerted efforts to further entrench authoritarian rule.

"Attempts to criminalize the work of civil society organisations through draconian legislation such as the Patriotic Bill and amendments to the Private Voluntary Organisations (PVO) Act show a regression to the Ian Smith regime.

"The country continues to witness persecution of civil society and opposition activists who have chosen to speak out against misgovernance and this is totally against the values of the struggle for an independent Zimbabwe."

Masaraure, a cutting edge firebrand in his own right, said the "continued weaponization of the judiciary, high level corruption and plunder of national resources by political elites, militarization of key state institutions, failure to uphold the constitution, elections with disputed outcomes, abductions, torture and murder of civil society and opposition activists among other ills have plunged Zimbabwe back to the colonial era".

The CiZC spokesperson also said President Emmerson Mnangagwa's so-called "new dispensation" has failed the democratic test, adding that "we continue to witness the same brutality that motivated living and fallen heroes to fight for an independent Zimbabwe".

He said the "values of the liberation struggle have been betrayed with the majority of Zimbabweans still economically disempowered and dissatisfied with the economic gains from liberation. The level of inequality remains high".

"The current situation prevailing in Zimbabwe is a call for progressive Zimbabweans to reclaim the liberation war narrative as we move towards inclusive national development," he said.

"…As Zimbabwe commemorates Heroes' Day, we implore the State to uphold constitutional democracy, transparency, accountability and respect citizens' fundamental rights- these were the values of the liberation struggle.

"The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition implores the State to lay the ground for nation-building and this should be anchored on respect for the constitution as well as genuine reconciliation processes to heal the wounds inflicted by atrocities such as Gukurahundi, the bloody 2008 election violence among other acts of terror by the State which dealt a blow to the concept of nation building."

Source - zimlive