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Mliswa defends Mnangagwa, says Susan Mutami not raped

by Staff reporter
12 Aug 2022 at 20:31hrs | Views
NORTON independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has leaped to defend President Emmerson Mnangagwa and other government officials named dropped by Susan Mutami when she poured out her rape saga, claiming her allegations were politically motivated.

Mliswa who was presenting a series of WhatsApp messages between Mutami and Politburo member Kenneth Musanhi said Mutami could not be trusted because she lied to him that she had given birth to twins after their separation.

Mutami has one toddler and the whereabouts of the other child remains a mystery.

"We cannot have little girls whose profession is well known, just getting up speaking from nowhere, ‘I was abused' this and that Í was young' this and that and so forth and you are talking about this years later," Mliswa said.

"If it is that you want to expose this person who abuses, why do you not do it earlier," he said.

Mliswa also questioned the sincerity of Mutami's claims given her proximity to the President.

"The issue is to deal with the perpetrators and you deal with them on time, so how sincere are you about being abused by somebody whom you still go and see face to face," said Mliswa.

He also chastised the culture of falsehoods on social media saying: "The credibility of the person is critical, the very same person told you she was expecting twins and even put the twins on Twitter again but now there is one."

With regards to the unexplained disappearance of the other twin, Mliswa said he was filing a  police report in Queensland, Australia, on Monday.

Meanwhile, Mliswa threatened to expose Mutami's advances to him as she solicited money and other goodies from him while rubbishing claims that he impregnated a Form two student before forcing her to abort.

"So where is the girl in Norton, what is her name, what are her parents saying, ‘they are running scared' but you are exposing the President, the number one citizen and you are not scared yet the family in Norton which you allege her daughter I slept with are," he added.

Mliswa however challenged Mutami and the public to reveal details of his alleged abuse.

While reading out a string of messages between Mutami and Musanhi, Mliswa exonerated President Mnangagwa following a text in the chat that claimed the first secretary of Zanu-PF was an angel.

"When you cease to help her  she will attack, it's a trend. When she gets dumped she gets emotional and finds stories," said the Norton MP.

Source - NewZimbabwe