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'Wadyajena is a liability to Zanu-PF", say villagers

by Staff reporter
19 Aug 2022 at 06:49hrs | Views
It never rains, but pours for embattled Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator, Justice Wadyajena, whose constituents now accuse him of not only turning his back on the electorate, but of being a liability to the governing Zanu-PF party come the 2023 harmonised elections.

A resident of one of the country's elite suburbs Borrowdale Brooke, where he owns an imposing mansion, Wadyajena (41) leads one of the most under developed constituencies in the country.

The youthful legislator, who prides a fleet of luxurious vehicles including a Lamborghini, leads a constituency with the worst roads in the country, and villagers only dream of accruing dividends from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

"Since he was voted he never returned to consult over how CDF money should be dispensed. This has happened for the past four years when fund have been distributed yearly. He never distributed money to the constituency," said a disgruntled villager, who requested anonymity.

"We don't know what happened with the CDF. Since he was elected MP, no development has happened in the area, so much that we have one of the poorest road networks in the country. Villagers have not seen any effort by the MP to improve our livelihoods here."

Wadyajena and four Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Cottco) officials were this week dragged before Harare Magistrate Stenford Mambanje , answering to charges of fraud and money laundering worth over US$5 million.

Other accused person are; Pius Manamike (54), Maxmore Njanji (47) Fortunate Maloi (34) nd Chiedza Danha (39).

Villagers are also up in arms with the lawmaker, whom they accuse of defrauding them of cotton proceeds.

"In 2020 they (Wadyejana and cronies) decided that farmers would not get cash but get groceries after selling their cotton. The grocery was supposedly equivalent to the money owed. However, some farmers didn't want to be given grocery from all of their proceeds as they had some bills to foot.

"Since 2020, farmers are yet to get their money from cotton proceeds. The question which is in everyone's mind here is who was the supplier of the groceries in the shops looking at this level of corruption which is being exposed?" another villager queried.

Top Zanu-PF officials from Midlands have said Wadyajena's frosty relations with his subjects could cost the party much-needed votes come next year.

"We have gathered that all farmers who sold their cotton as far back as 2020, never got their money and its now costing the party. As if that was not enough, cotton business here in Gokwe was now his, to such an extent that when you went to Cottco in need of inputs you were told to call either Mayor, or his secretary. He was now controlling cotton to the extent that the leadership of the party, which he was opposed, would not get cotton from Cottco.

"The inputs were no longer distributed equally as they would be given to Wadyajena's cronies. Those cronies would sell presidential inputs. That level of unbridled corruption cannot be tolerated," a senior Zanu-PF member told

Source - NewZimbabwe