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'Man is mine' fight erupts'

by Staff reporter
27 Aug 2022 at 06:04hrs | Views
IN a typical "the man is mine" fight, two women from Bulawayo are allegedly involved in a nasty battle over the heart of a man they both claim is their husband. Elizabeth Dube (49) from Mzilikazi suburb is claiming Lisa Mutami (23) snatched her husband Vongayi Moyo, who is living with a disability, and was allegedly using his condition to get money from well-wishers.

The fight started after a Facebook post in which Moyo and Mutami, who is reportedly eight months pregnant, appealed for donations in the form of food and accommodation claiming they were living under difficult conditions. Reacting to the post, Dube labelled Mutami a man snatcher who caused Moyo to abandon his family. She claimed Mutami was abusing Moyo, taking advantage of his disability.

"I am the wife of that man who is in the company of that young woman. She stole that man from me. We got married sometime in 2019 and we have a 10-year-old child together.

"My husband deserted me in 2020 and I was surprised when I came across a picture of him and the woman which was posted on Facebook while looking for assistance.

"It's a pity that the woman is taking advantage of my husband's condition in order to get donations from the people. She is cohabiting with my husband and is now going around claiming she is married to him," fumed Dube.

She said when Moyo deserted her, he left home claiming he was going to Harare for a workshop. "When my husband left home he lied to me that he was going to Harare for a workshop. We are suffering as a result of that woman and as a family we have been looking for him. Before that Facebook post people were always telling me that they met my husband in the city centre in the company of that woman," said Dube.

Mutami angrily brushed off Dube's claims that she snatched Moyo from her and made him abandon his child. "I am not a man snatcher. I met him (Moyo) sometime in November 2020 during a church function and that is when we started communicating as friends before we finally fell in love. That time he had already divorced Dube. He told me about his sad love story and how he ended up divorcing Dube," said Mutami.

Going into more detail and with pain scribbled all over her face, Mutami insisted that she was not a man snatcher, adding that the man she is accused of snatching was struggling when they started dating. "The allegations by his ex-wife that I'm using him to make money are not true because when I met him he was struggling to make ends meet just like now.

"If I was someone looking for money I would have dumped him long back considering the fact we had been sleeping in the streets. We have been together since 2020 and if it was not out of love I would also not have been pregnant for him."

"Some of my relatives are even ridiculing me saying why I chose to marry someone in a wheelchair as there are so many misconceptions about dating someone with a disability but as for my husband I accepted his situation as much as possible."
She said they were homeless.

"We are sleeping on the streets and that is why we agreed as a couple to have our situation posted on Facebook. This is because if we try to look for accommodation some landlords tell us they don't want someone living with a disability.

"I'm appealing for help so that we can get accommodation and money to buy food and cater for preparation for the baby. As I speak I'm eight months pregnant but I haven't visited any health facility for a check-up and to register my pregnancy," said Mutami.

The man at the centre of attraction – Moyo didn't mince his words when he slammed Dube saying she was a "drama queen".

He said he divorced her because of her infidelity and violent behaviour. Bristled with rage he said: "She is no longer my wife and I deserted her because of infidelity. During my absence she would bring her boyfriends at home and had sex with them in front of our child."

He further revealed explosive details saying at times Dube would leave their child alone at home while going to see her boyfriends.

"At times she would lie to me that she was visiting her brother yet she would be at her boyfriend's place. We ended up separating after I caught her red-handed in bed with one of her boyfriends (name provided).

"When I confronted her she became angry and pulled me out of the house and tried to strike me with an iron rod on the forehead.

"I blocked it with my hand and in the process I suffered serious injuries on my shoulders. I reported the matter to the police leading to her arrest and subsequent appearance in court charged with attempted murder," said Moyo. He described his ex-wife's behaviour as violent, immoral and dangerous to their minor child.

Source - B-Metro
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