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Tycoon arrested for cyberbullying

by Staff reporter
10 Sep 2022 at 06:19hrs | Views
REVENGE gone horribly wrong!

In a nasty turn of events, a Harare businessman has been arrested after he recorded an audio and video clip which went viral on various social media platforms in which he was harassing and threatening a Bulawayo lawyer and warning people against dealing with her UK-based husband who is also a truck supplier, claiming his company was selling non-existent vehicles.

So messy are the threats that Chamunorwa Chinenyanga (32), a transport operator based in South Africa, sensationally claimed that Vivianah Chikomo of V Chikomo Law Chambers married her husband Dyson Dzapasi for money over love.

In the video, Chinenyanga is also accusing Dzapasi of disappearing after taking his money. Dzapasi is reportedly a representative of Carsden UK Trucks.

Chinenyanga's threats to Chikomo were heard when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Busani Sibanda charged with cyber-bullying and harassment as defined in Section 164B of the Cyber Security and Data Protection Act Chapter 11:12.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody to September 19 on $50 000 bail.
Allegations against Chinenyanga are that on 20 May 2022 he recorded an audio and video clip while threatening and bullying Chikomo.

In Shona he said: "Kusvika mangwana pasina that car, tiri kutora video toisa mu social media tichiudza vanhu kuti makadhonza kuUK mukaroorana naye mukachata naye, akadya mari dzevanhu dzema-trucks muri mese ikozvino mari hapasisina mava kuti madhivosa munhu.

"Saka imimi munongoda munhu mukuwana chete. Isusu taingoda kupedza naDyson wedu imimi makubisa mota usiku. Tichatora video tichiudza vanhu. (When we arrive there tomorrow and find out that the motor vehicle is not there, we will record a video and make it go viral on social media platforms informing people that you coerced a person from UK and married him. (He squandered people's money meant for buying trucks while you were together. Now that there is no more cash to spend, you are now alleging that you have divorced. Is it that you only love people when they are still rich?

(We only wanted to solve our issues with Dyson and you are now removing the trucks at night. We will record the video informing people over that)."

It is reported that living true to his threats he allegedly posted the audio and video clip on various WhatsApp groups in Bulawayo before they went viral.

It is alleged that on 27 May 2022 Chinenyanga again recorded another video clip while accusing Dzapasi of selling non-existent vehicles.

He claimed that Dzapasi had since disappeared and was no longer reachable. The video clip which went viral after it was posted on various WhatsApp groups says:

"Makadi hama neshamwari, ini ndiri mu-transport industry based in South Africa. Pamba pandasiya trailer yangu apa ndipo panogara V Chikomo ane Law Chambers muno muBulawayo.

"Akaroorwa nemurume anonzi Dyson Dzapasi chizvarwa chemuno muZimbabwe asi ane citizenship yekuBritian. Murume uyu arikutengesera vanhu marori aasina". (Greeting to you friends and relatives, I am in the transport industry based in South Africa.

(This house where I have left my trailers is where V Chikomo stays and is part of V Chikomo Law Chambers in Bulawayo. She is married to a man called Dyson Dzapasi, a Zimbabwean who has British citizenship. He is selling non-existent trucks)."

The matter was reported to the police and investigations led to the arrest of Chinenyanga and his subsequent appearance in court.

Source - B-Metro
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