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Stray donkeys terrorise Bulawayo's Lobengula residents

by Staff reporter
03 Oct 2022 at 20:12hrs | Views
Residents of Bulawayo's Lobengula high density suburb have raised concern over an increase in donkeys reared in the area which have become a menace, destroying gardens and fields.

The donkeys are used to transport firewood and pit sand for sale.

The animals are however unsupervised and cause accidents.

A resident from the high density suburb, Spiwe Nkomo said the donkeys contribute to high rates of accidents in the busy Masiyephambili road.

"Last week there was an accident where a donkey came from nowhere and entered the busy road resulting in a car accident. Luckily the driver had minor scratches.

"In such instances the owners disappear and deny that the donkeys are theirs," she said.

She said the number of donkeys has increased from the last time they reported the matter to relevant authorities.

Nkomo complained that the donkeys also destroy their gardens which are a source of livelihood to many in the high density suburb.

"We have our small gardens in our homes and to make sure we have something to eat we water them using city council water that we pay for but then someone has the audacity to release the donkeys so that they feed on our vegetables. This is unfair and it has to come to an end.

"Are people even allowed to keep donkeys in urban areas because we are tired of what is happening in our area? The owners of these donkeys benefit from using them to carry firewood that they then sell to us," said Nkomo.

Another resident identified as Dube added that these donkeys will end up spreading diseases to people.

"There is a dead donkey which was dumped at the park yesterday. And coming from work I saw children jumping on top of that donkey. In the end we will all get sick ," he said, adding that action should be quickly taken in cases where donkeys dies.

"We are also having sleepless nights because of the donkeys. They move within people's premises," said Dube.

Lobengula councillor, Mcdonald Chunga said he had received a number of complaints over the issue but claimed it had been resolved.

"I did receive complaints way back and dealt with the issue. I called responsible authorities including rangers and they came to take all the donkeys they could find," he said.

Source - NewZimbabwe