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Sex herbs a hit at Hlanganani Expo

by Staff reporter
22 Oct 2022 at 19:29hrs | Views
THE Chesvingo Karanga Village stand proved to be a hit at the just ended Sanganani/Hlanganani World Tourism Expo in Bulawayo as most exhibitors, particularly men, flocked to the stand to buy  sex enhancing herbs to boost their libido and immune system.

Of particular interest and the biggest seller was the powerful herbal aphrodisiac or herbal sex enhancer called muchemedzambuya.

Chesvingo Karanga Village tour guide Josias Shuro said there were three main sex enhancing herbs that received a lot of attention from exhibitors with the muchemedzambuya being the first to get finished.

"Muchemedzambuya is a powerful herb that is used by men to increase their sperm count, for fast ejaculation and to give firmer erections. We received a lot of customers inquiring about it and to date people are still calling us for more, we regret coming with a small amount," said Shuro.

He said after taking it one is ensured to be fiery with passion and free to enjoy unbridled sexual experiences.

Shuro said besides the aphrodisiac herbs they had different herbs for cancer, backaches and sexually transmitted infections.

"We also have different herbs for backaches and piles and these are mostly for women who have given birth to two or more children and suffer from back aches. These medicines are mixed with food.

"The other herb that was on demand was the one that cures cancer, and most of the customers that we had were referred to us by people who once used our herbs. The herb is very effective and reduces the occurrences of procedures like amputation," said Shuro.

Shuro said their herbs have no side effects and can be taken by anyone.

"Our medicines are 100 percent effective because we use natural herbs to help people with different conditions. We give customers our contacts so that we can constantly do check-ups on their condition and also send them more herbs in cases they need any," said Shuro.

Chesvingo Karanga Village is located in Masvingo and is the centre for the preservation of Karanga Culture by the Karanga, a clan of Shona people. They are well known for subsistence agricultural field activities such as weeding and herding.

Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (ZINATHA) president George Kandiero recommended the use of traditional herbs saying they were effective and had no side effects.

"These medicines are very effective, and most of them can be scientifically proven as they have been used for decades.

"The advantage of these medicines is that they have no side effects as compared to the conventional medicines which have side effects like damaging the system and creating a dependency syndrome," said Kandiero.

Kandiero said the advantage of these traditional medicines was that they could cure conditions that the conventional medicines had failed to cure.

"As Zinatha, we take our time to investigate these sexual problems because some come in for excitement, some are born with sexual problems, and others adopted the problems on the way.

"Tablets cannot cure a man that has been bewitched, and as such our traditional medicines are effective as they are able to cure any disease regardless of the cause.

"There are men whose sexual problems emanate from jealous women who use witchcraft to ensure that they do not have any sexual partners and no tablet can deal with such a case. These conditions can only be resolved through the use of traditional medicine," said Kandiero.

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