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Sikhosana thanks fans with track Khiwa

by Staff reporter
10 Nov 2022 at 04:55hrs | Views
Sikhosana Buhlungu feels like a blessed man and appreciates the outpouring of love from fans and well-wishers who catapulted his life from the doldrums of poverty and transformed it into the man he is today.

As such, the musician from Nkayi wants to thank his fans and well-wishers with a track called Khiwa that is a special dedication to them. The track will be launched today on all digital platforms with the music video set to be uploaded on the Madlela Skhobokhobo TV YouTube channel.

Khiwa in slang means a person who is respectable and has good social status.

In 2020, the Nkayi-based musician shot into stardom when a video of him in squalor strumming his guitar and singing about the Covid-19 pandemic, through the track Isimiso went viral on social media. Thereafter, people started looking for him asking how they could assist him to record his music.

In no time, he received a record deal and managed to record an album. He also won a Roil Bulawayo Arts Award in the process and received VIP treatment each time he came to Bulawayo. Through his singing talent, Sikhosana went as far as South Africa where he toured various cities to meet fans there.

But, despite all of this, he would return to his rural home in Nkayi and lead a life that did not match his celebrity status. His father who is now late, lobbied for the betterment of Sikhosana's life as he felt that he deserved better. And the people heeded the plea by coming together and mobilising various donations for the artiste from cash and livestock. They did not stop there as they built a three-roomed modern house for Sikhosana to ensure that he would lead a comfortable life.

Speaking from his Nkayi base, Sikhosana said he wanted to express gratitude and make people dance with his song Khiwa.

"I was just an ordinary person singing in the rural areas and perhaps the laughing stock of the village. Through people's kind hearts, they made me a ‘Khiwa'. I'm now a man among men as I have a house, cattle and other things. So, this song is a special dedication to them," said Sikhosana.

He said the music video was shot at his rural home in Nkayi so that fans see the changes in his life. Other scenes were shot in Bulawayo, the city where his music was recorded.

Sikhosana, who last year had a viral track Ntethe, which had over 100 000 views on YouTube, however said he is disappointed that the song failed to get a nomination at this year's RoilBAAs.

"My biggest disappointment is that even though the song (Ntethe) was loved by many, it wasn't nominated at the Roil Bulawayo Awards. I think it wasn't fair as Ntethe deserved at least one nomination.

"Ntethe has so many views online and was a hit song, but all that was in vain," said Sikhosana.

He said he is now looking for bookings so that he can have money sustain his livelihood.

Besides focusing on his music career, Sikhosana said he is preparing for the cropping season.

"The heavens have opened up and I'm now working towards tilling the land. I want to plant maize and beans on my small plot. The cattle are healthy and everything has been well for me," he said.

Source - The Chronicle
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