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Woman dumps child at ex-boyfriend's workplace

by Staff reporter
11 Nov 2022 at 05:03hrs | Views
A HARARE man was yesterday granted a protection order against his ex-girlfriend who insults him with obscene language and sometimes comes to dump her child at his workplace while demanding maintenance.

Magistrate Ms Tamara Chibindi granted the order to Christopher Nyagope who summoned Charity Musona to the Harare Civil Court.

Musona was ordered not to threaten, insult or harass Nyagope and to never visit his workplace in Glen View Area 8.

Nyagope told the court that Musona harasses him as he disputes paternity to the child because there was no mention of the child for 11 years since they broke up.

 If the child was his, Nyagope told the court, he would have expected Musona to tell him a lot earlier.

"This woman is cunning," he said. "We dated 12 years ago and to my surprise she only came to me sometime last year telling me that she has brought my son.

"We used to work closely with each other, yet she never told me about her pregnancy. I don't believe that he is my son."

At one point, Musona allegedly dumped the child at his work place half naked.

"She comes to insult me with obscene language and twice she came to abandon the child at my work place," he said. "The last time she did so she just brought him wearing a pair of shorts without even putting on a shirt.

"I no longer have peace and sometimes l hesitate to go to work because I am afraid of her harassment."

In response, Musona said Nyagope was not telling the truth.

"He is lying," she said. "I do not do that to him. He is not looking after the child, but I know that it is his."

Ms Chibindi asked Musona why she was quiet for so long about the child.

She said it was because she was unable to locate Nyagope for the past 11 years.

Source - The Herald
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