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Drama as trainee doctor assaults rival lovers

by Staff reporter
25 Nov 2022 at 00:18hrs | Views
A man from Bulawayo, who is also a trainee medical doctor at Mpilo Central Hospital, and suspected his pregnant girlfriend of cheating for some time had his suspicions confirmed in the most dramatic way.

It, however, ended in tears for the two men he busted having sex with his lover at a city lodge and flat respectively.

Prosper Mpofu (27) a part five medical student mercilessly beat up Erick Gumbo from Nkulumane suburb after he caught him red-handed having sex with his girlfriend Abercy "Spongy" Chishapira at a city lodge.

In a fit of anger, Mpofu is also alleged to have threatened to chop off Gumbo's manhood.

Mpofu also brutally bashed Butholenkosi Gula Ndebele with fists and open hands on the face, chest, neck and back after he also caught him in bed with his lover at his (Ndebele)'s flat in the city.

He went on to hit him with a guitar resulting in it breaking into pieces before smashing his 55-Inch Samsung TV's screen.

The explosive details of Mpofu's rampage came to light when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Musaiwona Shotgame facing two counts of assault and one of malicious damage to property.

He pleaded not guilty to all the three counts but was convicted due to overwhelming evidence.

On the first two counts of assault Mpofu was fined $70 000 (or seven months in jail). Ten months imprisonment were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

On count three of malicious damage to property he was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment of which five months were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

The remaining five months were suspended on condition that he compensates Ndebele US$1 100 being the value of his property he destroyed when he was beating him up.

In passing the sentence the magistrate took into consideration the fact that Mpofu had "passionately" apologised both to the court and the two victims and that he was also a first offender and a medical student in his fifth year at Mpilo Hospital.

"He is single and engaged to an expecting girlfriend who is in this case at the epicenter of the commission of these crimes. She lured the two complainants for the Biblical fruits of wisdom and was bedded by the complainants.

"The accused was provoked by the conduct of the victims to be seduced by her. He is a first-time offender and is not employed but a student at Mpilo in his fifth year.

"Accused however, took the law into his own hands and invoked violence to resolve a dispute, instead of dialogue. He used severe force to strike the victims with serious injuries. He was supposed to resolve his disputes with his girlfriend other than with the complainants.

"The court will impose a term of imprisonment suspending it on condition of good behaviour and restitution," argued the magistrate.

In his defence outline which was mostly in dispute, Mpofu stated that Gumbo throttled him and he retaliated. He said he then overpowered him adding that Gumbo was lying against him as punishment for busting him with his "wife".

Turning to Ndebele, Mpofu said when he found him with his "wife" he grabbed him and they wrestled and in the process Ndebele fell on the TV. He said he slapped him with open hands and when Ndebele attempted to assault him using a guitar he dodged it and it fell and damaged the picture frame. He denied damaging the items as alleged.

The court heard that on 7 October 2022 and at around 3pm Gumbo booked a room at a city lodge in question where he had sex with Chishapira.

It is reported that while the two were in the act, Mpofu barged into the room and started assaulting Gumbo with fists all over the body and he inflicted a deep cut on the upper lid of the eye and bruises.

Mpofu is also alleged to have stomped on him and later pulled out his sexual organ indicating that he wanted to cut it off.

It emerged in court that when Mpofu stormed into the room, Gumbo at first thought it was a ghost which was coming to attack him.

The court further heard that on 10 October 2022, Ndebele met Chishapira in town and took her to his flat where they engaged in sex.

It is reported that while the two were busy enjoying each other, Mpofu barged into the bedroom and started assaulting Ndebele with fists and open hands on the face, chest, and neck and back while accusing him of having an affair with his "wife".

The daring Mpofu went on to take a guitar which he used to assault him with on the back resulting in it breaking into pieces.

He further kicked his 55-inch Samsung TV causing it to fall to the ground and smash its screen.

The two victims reported the matter to the police and investigations led to Mpofu's arrest.

Source - B-Metro
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