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God, Highlanders and everything else after ... life of Bosso treasurer

by Staff reporter
03 Dec 2022 at 07:12hrs | Views
BEING an ordained minister of the gospel of Christ and holding a top post at one of the country's top clubs can never be an easy task.

However, for Highlanders FC treasurer Busani Mthombeni, this is just a way of life that he manages well.

Popularly known as Rev B, Mthombeni is a minister at the Brethren in Christ Church and an unapologetic Bosso son who holds a crucial role at the club that requires him to be hands-on at all times.

But how does he balance church and football?

"The balance is a good and interesting challenge, however, these two are matters of my life and as such the balance is easily achieved.

"Church life brings to me the spiritual stability and focus on the greater purpose of my life, whereas football life enhances that fun and enjoyment of that life," says Mthombeni.

"My church culture informs my personality and integrity which are key factors in executing my duties in football. Following the loss of my wife in 2021, I also took a reduced role in the church. As of now, I do not hold an organisational post, but as an ordained minister, there are official responsibilities that I am still required to perform. This allows time in my schedule to balance with football" says Mthombeni.

He says the assumption that football and church cannot mix is not correct as both can co-exist in a person's life.

"Being a football fan or administrator is not sinful and therefore not a contradiction to the church principles.

"Being a church person engraves principles of faithfulness, honesty and being of sound and strong mind. These are also key principles required in football administration.

"Church people live their lives on this earth, and there is no harm in having clean fun with football. The two also serve as conduits that provide activities that take people away from acts of crime and violence.

"The core business of the church is to preach a universal message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and football is universal.

"It is a birth thing which cannot be derived from without. The passion was further enhanced by a Highlanders FC culture in the family. I grew up in that environment of my father being involved with Highlanders FC for a long time, with that passion that says this is your home.

"The passion is derivative of my culture and identity, especially being someone who grew up in a different environment, one must focus on the pillars that resonate with oneself," says Mthombeni.

Mthombeni, who was born in Gwanda grew up in Chitungwiza, where he did his primary education. He then proceeded to Mazowe and Marondera high schools for his secondary education.

"My first interaction with football was from street football in the dusty streets in Unit B, Seke; juniors' football at Darryn T FC; as well as my schools' soccer teams, at that time football was not highly regarded as a career."

Mthombeni is in his first term as treasurer at the Bulawayo giants.

Source - The Chronicle
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