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BCC in parking management system revenue windfall

by Staff reporter
21 May 2023 at 08:07hrs | Views
BULAWAYO'S parking management company Tendy Three Investments (TTI) continues to witness growth in revenue with a rise of over 400 percent compared to the first month they started operations.

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) and TTI entered into a partnership last year that has seen the latter rolling out the parking management system throughout the Central Business District, with the first paid bays coming into effect in February last year.

Although the system was met with resistance from motorists and the public, TTI managed to realise an improvement in revenue collected, from US$246, $106 746 and R401 in February 2022 to US$36 560, $125 million and R156 000 in March this year.

According to a parking revenue update report detailing revenue collected for the month of March, BCC got US$23 000, R11 000 and $9 million in clamping fees. In total, inclusive of bus penalties and towing fees, the local authority collected US$60 000, $162,4 million, R32 200 and P300. Accumulatively, the local authority has this year managed to collect US$298 000, $162,4 million, R246 000 and P3 454 as its share.

In reviewing the revenue to date councillors felt the local authority was losing a lot of revenue through public transport operators who did not adhere to the by-laws as they had established undesignated pick-up points in the city.

"Councillor Felix Mhaka recalled that the finance and development committee had previously requested for a detailed report of the income and expenditure on the parking funds from the beginning of the project to date. The report would assist the committee in appreciating how the funds have been utilised. The information was still awaited. He noted with concern that public transport operators did not adhere to the by-laws as they had established undesignated pick-up points. He was of the view that council should engage other parties to assist in enforcing the by-laws," reads the council report.

The city's deputy mayor, Clr Mlandu Ncube called for the local authority to seek the services of TTI to assist in enforcing order since council has failed. He cited that council was losing revenue to transporters who illegally plied the Harare route at night.

"The city legal officer confirmed that lawlessness was high in the city. However, she said for council to effectively enforce the by-laws there was need for assistance from law enforcement agents. The Town Clerk (Mr Christopher Dube) advised that it was not possible to engage the services of TTI because their contract was specific. Amending it required an addendum. He explained that council's law and enforcement agents were at risk because rank marshals were dangerous and difficult to deal with. Bus operators had been engaged with regards to lawlessness in the city and they did appreciate the situation on the ground," reads the report.

Meanwhile, motorists in the city continue to raise concern over the high parking fees, noting that the parking fee must be reduced further to make it affordable for residents. TTI is charging $1 per hour which makes it expensive for residents working in the CBD as they work for eight hours.

Most motorists are now parking their vehicles on the outskirts of the city and walking into the CBD to avoid paying the parking fees. This however, exposes their vehicles to thieves since they know that the owners of the cars would have left their cars unattended for the better part of the day.

Source - The Sunday News
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