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Mliswa kicked out of Parliament over Gukurahundi mention

by Staff reporter
31 May 2023 at 02:05hrs | Views
NORTON legislator Temba Mliswa was on Tuesday ejected from Parliament after accusing Zanu-PF of killing thousands of people in Midlands and Matebeleland provinces in the 1980s Gukurahundi atrocities.

Mliswa was debating the Patriotic Bill which human rights defenders have warned will dangerously threaten freedom of speech in Zimbabwe if passed into law.

Acts which will be criminalised under the proposed law include private correspondence with foreign governments, false statements or any other conduct aimed at undermining the country.

Mliswa told acting Parliament Speaker Tatenda Mavetera that ZANLA and ZIPRA comrades went to war for national interest to liberate the country, so no one was qualified to call another a nationalist an or a patriot.

He further slammed the ruling Zanu-PF party for wanting to assent a draconian law, describing the party as "deranged" for continuing with brutality witnessed during the Gukurahundi massacres.

Said Mliswa, "The only thing Zanu-PF is known for is massacre.

"Gukurahundi, it did it. There must be a Commission of Inquiry to deal with Zanu-PF people who led the killings."

The genocide allegedly claimed over 20,000 Ndebele-speaking people in the southern part of Zimbabwe and has remained unresolved as victims' relatives seek closure.

"You cannot kill other people in a country. Did you not hear of Gukurahundi? Where are those people who spearheaded Gukurahundi? Are they nationalistic, are they patriotic? They went and killed the people who were patriotic and nationalists. Gukurahundi is a fact. Let it not pain you because you were probably not part of the struggle. This is emotional…," an irate Mliswa told temporary Speaker, legislator Tatenda Mavetera.

Mavetera accused Mliswa of using offensive language against Zanu-PF, ejecting him from Parliament.

"Hon. Mliswa, we have got different political parties in this house and for you to come and accuse another political party and being offensive; that is very disrespectful. Order, can you leave the House Hon. Mliswa, leave the House!" she said.

"But you cannot kick me out. Did Gukurahundi not happen under Zanu-PF? So, why remove me from the house for telling the truth? You are kicking me out of the house for bringing the issue of Gukurahundi, are you serious about that?" fired back Mliswa.

As he was being led out out, he continued: "What you are doing is unpatriotic, un-nationalistic, barbaric for the party you belong to? I leave knowing that you have done the biggest mistake. You want to appease the President, you hope to become the next Speaker by bootlicking.

"What you are doing is unpatriotic. Gukurahundi happened under Zanu-PF.  Who are you trying to appease? Unoda kuti ndidzingwe muParliament hausi Speaker. Hunzai mapurisa handisi kubuda nhasi, hunzai mapurisa endai munotora Leader of Government Business. Gukurahundi was an act of Zanu-PF.

"Handisi kubuda nhasi huyai imika kuno uku. We cannot have a Parliament when one is honest wakudzingwa.  Ndinodzingirwa chii. Madam Speaker, if the seat is too hot, do not sit there.  It is hot, I am telling you. Ngaanotora mapurisa vambomhanyamhanya, handisi kubuda nhasi.  Chii chamungandiita, hapana mutemo unondidzinga muParliament," the MP lamented.

Voting over the bill was suspended until Wednesday.

Source - NewZimbabwe