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Govt considers closing down Kwekwe mines

by Staff reporter
03 Jun 2023 at 08:16hrs | Views
Kwekwe city centre finds itself on the precipice as the Government contemplates closing down mines that have wreaked havoc on the town's infrastructure and environment.

Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister, Larry Mavima, recently visited a house that had plunged into a mining tunnel.

The Rusike family, whose home tragically succumbed to an explosion from a nearby mine, escaped as they moved out of the property in August last year. Their harrowing experience is not an isolated incident.  A few months ago, Globe and Phoenix Primary School was forced to shut down after a classroom collapsed into a shaft, leaving scores of people injured.

Prompted by these alarming events, President Mnangagwa ordered a comprehensive geo-survey to assess the extent of the damage caused by these rampant mining activities. The results are still pending. Meanwhile, the Civil Protection Unit has condemned a Government complex in the vicinity, deeming it unsafe and necessitating an immediate evacuation.

Minister Mavima expressed deep concern over the situation and stressed that if mining activities persist, the Government will have no choice but to shut down the mines in the area. He said while the Joint Operations Command was in the process of compiling a report, if the rampant mining activities continue, the Government would be left with no option but to close the mines in the area.

"The future is uncertain for the people in this area hence the report will clearly show the impact of the mining activities here and the only option will be to close down the mines.

"The level of destruction is very worrisome. Even if people want money, they should look for legal and better ways of making money. We have a serious situation in this town; not only are these houses facing collapse but even surrounding buildings may collapse. This is a disaster," said Minister Mavima.

Kwekwe finds itself under siege from this relentless onslaught of mining activities, leaving both infrastructure and the environment in ruins.

The Government's decision to potentially close down the mines stands as a turning point for the town. It is a race against time to save Kwekwe from further destruction and secure the lives of its residents.

Source - The Herald
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