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Brito fires Madinda

by Staff reporter
10 Jun 2023 at 17:50hrs | Views
HIGHLANDERS FC is reportedly facing internal tensions as the presence of club legend Madinda Ndlovu has unsettled Portuguese coach Baltemar Jose De Oliveira Brito.

In the last two games, Brito allegedly barred Ndlovu from the technical bench, causing speculation of a rift between the two.

Ndlovu, a former Zimbabwe international, recently completed a Caf-A Licence refresher course in Harare. Following the course, he was cleared to join the technical bench.

However, sources within the club claim that Brito decided to exclude Ndlovu from the bench, citing his absence during the training week as the reason. Ndlovu had missed the team's crucial 0-0 draw against Dynamos on Africa Day.

The situation escalated when Ndlovu returned in time for Highlanders' home match against Greenfuel.

According to club sources, Brito sent the goalkeepers' trainer, Daniel Khumalo, to inform Ndlovu not to report for the pre-match camp. Despite the off-field tensions, Highlanders managed a 1-1 draw in the match.

Further discord arose before the Highlanders' derby against Bulawayo Chiefs when Bosso CEO Ronald Moyo informed Ndlovu that Brito wanted him to join other members of the technical team, Joel Luphahla and Antonio Torres, on the terraces rather than on the bench.

Surprisingly, Highlanders secured a 1-0 victory in the match, courtesy of an Mbongeni Ndlovu goal.

To address the strained relationship between Brito and Ndlovu, Moyo reportedly held a technical meeting, aiming to reconcile the two coaches.

One source revealed that the tension stemmed from rumours that Ndlovu was interested in Brito's job and had criticised the style of play preferred by the Portuguese coach, claiming it did not align with Highlanders' tradition.

These rumours had allegedly sown a seed of division within the team.

"The truth of the matter is that there is bad blood between Brito and Madinda. Someone is said to have lied to the coach that Madinda is interested in his job and alleged that Shaky was overheard saying the type of play preferred by Brito is not Highlanders style.

So, someone sowed a seed of divide and there have been efforts to bring the two together," explained the source.

When approached for comment regarding the reported tension, Highlanders issued a carefully crafted statement, appearing unaware of any despondency within their technical setup.

"We are unaware of the said despondency within our technical set up as everyone has a clearly defined role and understands the objectives of the project.

These roles and responsibilities are prescribed and  approved by the club leadership in line with what the club wants to achieve.

It is normal within a group of people that they might differ in opinion and should there be any differences, we assume they are capable of exercising tolerance and differ without disrespecting each other and the club.

"No one was misinformed as the club clearly communicated both internally and externally what informed the decision and what we want to achieve with the appointment of coach Madinda.

"Coach Madinda Ndlovu was hired by the club to double as the first team assistant coach and the Director of Youth Development.

He's not been eligible to sit on the bench until he went through the Caf A refresher course a fortnight ago. Madinda's responsibilities are mainly on the Youth Development side where he must help reshape the direction of our Youth Development project.

He further serves as the conduit between the first team and our Youth Development project whilst assisting coach Brito."

Highlanders appointed Ndlovu, affectionately known as "Khathazile" or "Shaky," as the first team assistant coach and Director of Junior Development in March and gave him a two-year contract.

The coaching staff's lack of required Caf A coaching badges has posed a challenge for Highlanders, with Brito often being the lone figure at the technical area during matches.

As the club strives for unity and success, supporters have called for a cohesive vision within the coaching department.

One Highlanders fan urged unity on the club's Twitter page, stating, "Good news, but we are asking for unity, unity, unity because without unity we will not achieve anything."

The ongoing saga between Brito and Ndlovu has become a focal point not only within the team but also among the club's passionate fans.

The supporters anxiously await a resolution to the internal tensions, hoping for a harmonious atmosphere within the technical team.

Amid the turmoil, Highlanders remains steadfast in its pursuit of its objectives.

The club's leadership is determined to overcome the challenges and create a conducive environment where all members of the coaching staff can work together towards the club's success.

While the reported discord is undoubtedly a hurdle to overcome, the club's statement reinforces its belief in the professionalism and commitment of its coaching staff.

Bosso will strive to put the off-field distractions aside and focus on their performance on the pitch.

The success of the team ultimately hinges on the ability of the coaching staff to work harmoniously to achieve desired results.

Only time will tell how this chapter in Highlanders' history will unfold, but one thing is certain: the club and its fans are united in their desire to see their beloved team flourish once again.

Source - The Chroncile