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Madinda sacking divides opinion

by Staff reporter
12 Jun 2023 at 06:26hrs | Views
HIGHLANDERS Football Club coach Baltemar Jose De Oliveira Brito's alleged decision to freeze out assistant coach Madinda Ndlovu on suspicions of sabotage have divided opinion among followers who feel two bulls can't occupy the same kraal.

Brito reportedly told Highlanders' chief executive Ronald Moyo that he is not comfortable having Ndlovu on the bench despite the latter having been cleared by Zifa to sit at the dugout after going through a Caf A Licence refresher course.

The Portuguese expatriate barred Ndlovu from the bench in Bosso's last two games insisting that he will only sit at the dugout when the other two unqualified assistants Joel Luphahla and Antonio Torres are cleared by the football association.

Luphahla holds a Caf C badge while Torres is a holder of a Uefa B licence. To be able to sit on the Premiership bench, one has to be a Caf A or a Uefa Pro-Licence holder. For the assistant coach, he or she must have a Uefa A or Caf B badge.

Ndlovu went through a Caf A refresher course from May 22-28.

He returned in time for Bosso's home match against Green Fuel played on May 28 but club sources claim that Brito sent goalkeepers' trainer Daniel Khumalo to tell Ndlovu not to report for pre-match camp since he missed the whole week of training attending the Caf A Licence workshop. Bosso went on to draw the encounter 1-1.

Sources said before the Highlanders' derby against Bulawayo Chiefs, Bosso chief executive officer Ronald Moyo relayed a message to Ndlovu, informing him that Brito wanted the former Zimbabwe international to join the other technical team members — Joel Luphahla and Antonio Torres on the terraces.

Highlanders went on to win the encounter 1-0 through a Mbongeni Ndlovu goal.

There seems to be a rift in Highlanders' dressing room, with allegations that Brito was of the opinion that Ndlovu might issue counter instructions in the local language if he sits on the bench.

With local football on a break, the story published by Saturday Chronicle titled "Brito fires Madinda" set social media platforms alight.

Below are some of Highlanders followers' comments:

Nkosinathi Dibiti: Brito fires Madinda from Bosso technical team. My take!

On this, I support Brito, let him fail without Madinda, laye uMadinda should not confuse the technical team because he's a Bosso son.

I explained to my friends a few months ago that part of the problem at Bosso is the technical team. Our boys seem to be getting instructions from two centres of power hence the terrible co-ordination on the field.

Let's allow Brito to do his job, Madinda had his days at Bosso!

I'm ready for insults and stone throwers.

Rodrick Fayayo: Yeah the arrangement was a difficult arrangement. Madinda can't be an assistant coach. Bezivele zizathuzana.

Michael Mdladla Ndiweni: Kahambe sibekwazi ngubani to blame or to commend, saboteurs had their run, abafikanga laku half the track bawa, kahambe.

Bhekilizwe Mabuyalezulu Ndlovu: On the lighter side, I am just thinking of the guy shouting at Madinda and the translator translating. But how does one translate the full meaning of a shout? Making sure that even the emotion is fully translated. Kkkk.

Nkosinathi Dibiti: Language barrier but as a club we engaged Brito knowing. Since he's here let him do his job??

What's funny he's always standing on the touch line. But saying nothing to the boys.

Bhekilizwe Mabuyalezulu Ndlovu: I think he was a mistake that must be corrected. I don't remember who told me recently that Madinda and others are sabotaging the coach.

Strangely I support the saboteurs kkkk because I believe they are part of the solution. Ngiyaxolisa wethu kkk

Madzana Takunda: You can't have Mourinho being an assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson at Chelsea. The arrangement was bound to be a disaster.

Let Brito be given a full chance to be what he wants the club to look like on the pitch, if he fails we know who to blame.

Leslie Phiri: Ibhora lika Brito liyabhowa, its unHihlanders.

Madinda is right/ if Britto doesn't want to take advice or constructive criticism then he must go! Highlanders remains.

Mazibisa Shepherd Sindiso: Ah lapha ngithi u Brito kalancedo madoda.

Yah 2 bulls in one Kraal akusebenzi kodwa that mdala has failed to make us win convincingly

Laye kahambe lama draw akhe. Madinda must retreat fully to Juniors until he is installed as head Coach.


Brandon Dumoe: Once highlighted this and l could see it coming.

Highlanders when Brito came was languishing in 14th position during Mandla Mpofu's tenure, it's not that Mandla wasn't doing well, some of the poor strings of results were a result of players failing come to the party. But at times it boils down to luck.

Brito came in and the team finished 5th overall and Brito was with the team for pre-season yet Madinda Ndlovu wasn't part of that pre-season camp up until the first game of the season, when Brito attended a refresher course and within the Bosso ranks no one had the credentials to sit on the bench in our first game against ZPC Kariba.

That is when Madinda was drafted in. Brito came back and now we have a Legend and a former coach to the first team working in hand with a foreign coach who is still learning the Bosso culture. I, myself, personally see some clashes there in decision making.

The other thing that technical team is overloaded. The Assistant coach (Torres) to Brito is he a coach or a coach masquerading as an interpreter? What is the role of Luphahla who is said to be a Strikers Coach but the strikers are firing blanks? We need people with qualifications to sit on that technical bench for the betterment of the team.

And from the headline on the paper is it what transpired that I quote "FIRE" or the author or the journalist chose to use the word FIRE, yet both parties chose to go separate ways.

Mlondolozi Mpofu: I think uBrito did not cancel Madinda's contract at Bosso, uthe he can't work with him kuFirst team ucela asuke. It's now up to Bosso to give him a new post.

Bekezela Sibanda-Mdlalose: The headline itself is hilarious. "Brito fires Madinda". It's like the eldest child kicking his/her sibling out of family home. It's a sign of a not so organised home.

Mongameli Mhlanganyelwa Dylan: Brito must be given power to chop and change the entire technical team. He must work with people whom he wants to work with. Lento zokufaka abantu ngenkani abangaz nixx ngebhora. Tholumuntu sephikisa u-coach. Ungubani wena.

Nkululeko Ndlovu: It's time this useless old man is himself fired for unconvincing performance, his credentials are doubtful he's a scam as a foreign coach he should be better than all local coaches and win the league, a thing he has failed.

Kudzani Dojiwe Ndlovu: What was the reasoning behind appointing Madinda as an assistant? Was Brito consulted?
Nothando Lister Sibanda: Brito ujayele ukubona siphosa izigubhu egroundini ucabanga ukuthi ngeke simthinte.

Liberator A Moyo: The decision to hire Madinda was a clear display of poor management on the part of Highlanders. Madinda is a high profile coach, maybe even better-placed to coach Highlanders than Brito. Two bulls cannot exist in a single kraal, that is a very basic known fact. I am worried about the quality of management we have.

Brian Mpofu: Brito is the head coach and has rights to fire and hire an assistant coach, Madinda is a legend of the club but the guy has failed so many times, I don't know what is hard for you to respect the coach's decision.

Henry Nyoni: The huge scandal is an assistant coach being imposed on the head coach. How do you assist someone who didn't ask for your assistance? Any rationale coach would want to work with his own assistants as he remains fully accountable for the results.

Robert Ndlovu: From the very word go Madinda was not supposed to be in that technical team under Brito.
The executive erred. It should have been Madinda as coach and not in there disturbing Brito or Brito without Madinda.

Honestly, where in the world do you have two bulls in one kraal.
Job well done Brito. If indeed Brito felt undermined by Madinda underhand, he did the right thing.

Let Brito lose or win the league on his own.

How many times has Madinda been given a chance?
iBosso ngeyethu sonke hatshi eyangakibo.
Well done Brito!

Source - The Chronicle