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Zanu-PF to launch campaign in Ndabaningi Sithole's territory

by Staff reporter
23 Jun 2023 at 06:28hrs | Views
Zanu-PF will tomorrow launch its election campaign in Chipinge, home to one of the ruling party's founding fathers, Reverend Ndabaningi Chakandiwana Sithole, who was recently conferred with National Hero status as President Mnangagwa's administration continues to right wrongs of the past.

The holding of the campaign launch in Chipinge attests to Zanu-PF's broad-based development and economic emancipation of the people policies founded on unshakable principles that uphold justice and equity for all.

The essence of Zanu-PF's ideological thrust is the establishment of a sustained society firmly based on its historical, cultural and social experience and to create conditions for economic independence, prosperity and equitable distribution of the wealth of the nation.

It is in this regard that the campaign launch, that is coming after all the revolutionary candidates submitted their nomination papers, will be held at Mutema Secondary School, Chipangai Area, Manicaland Province.

Speaking at a press conference in Harare yesterday, Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Mike Bimha said it's all systems go for the party campaign launch tomorrow. "We are launching the Zanu-PF campaign manifesto this coming Saturday to be held at Mutema Secondary School, Chipangai area, Manicaland," he said.

Those expected to attend, he said, are Politburo, Central Committee, National Consultative, provincial members and all winning and losing candidates.

"We are inviting all candidates from the House of Assembly, senatorial, Women's quota, Youth quota, local authorities, and provincial councils. Losing candidates are also expected to attend," said Bimha.

The candidates will then carry the party manifesto to the people during the campaign period.

He said the launch will be an opportunity for all the candidates to listen to the President and First Secretary of the party, Mnangagwa.

"Once he does that (launch) we will be going full throttle in campaigning for all candidates. This time around our focus is on the team which comprises the President, House of Assembly members and representatives in the local authorities, that is the team that we are campaigning for and after the launch our teams will be on the ground and everyone is excited."

The party, Bimha said, is targeting to get five-million plus votes for the President and 80 percent for the other categories, the House of Assembly and Local Authorities.

The launch is in tandem with the President's decentralisation of significant events pursuant to the Second Republic's motto of "leaving no one and no place behind".

Historically, Chipinge provided passage to liberation struggle fighters and continues to be an important part of Government's developmental blueprint with several projects currently underway there.

Currently, final touches are being done for the campaign launch which is expected to draw at least 30 000 Zanu-PF supporters from across the country.

"We will be launching the party's election campaign in Chipinge and we are in the process of making sure everything is in order," Bimha said.

Zanu-PF Manicaland Province secretary for Information Sam Matema said the province was ready to welcome the huge crowd that was going to throng Musikavanhu-Mutema constituency in Chipinge.

"As a province, we are excited to host the President and First Secretary of the revolutionary party Zanu-PF, Dr ED Mnangagwa during the launch of a defining and history-making party process, the election campaign launch.

"Musikavanhu-Mutema Constituency is expected to receive a bumper crowd of at least 30 000 party cadres on Saturday June 24, 2023, drawn chiefly from Chipinge District," he said.

Matema said the campaign launch signalled the laying of the party's foundation ahead of election day on August 23.

"On Saturday June 24, 2023, the President and First Secretary of the colossal party, Zanu-PF, Dr ED Mnangagwa, will lay a foundation upon which the August 23, 2023 election bid will be built. Upon that foundation and upon that rock, the path to a landslide electoral victory for Zanu-PF will be cleared.

"The election campaign launch speaks to the inherent order and discipline that finds residence and expression in the party structures and processes. We are very clear in terms of our intentions and direction of travel," he said.

Matema said unlike the opposition, Zanu-PF had order and purpose.

"This clarity, attention to detail and respect of party structures, is what is in short supply in the opposition ranks, and predictably, is the albatross on their political necks with the 2023 harmonised elections beckoning," he said.

After the campaign launch, Zimbabweans will celebrate the life of ZANU founding Father Sithole at a rally that will be held in the small town of Chipinge.

Source - The Herald