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Villagers make way for Zesa powerline

by Staff reporter
12 Jul 2023 at 08:17hrs | Views
ABOUT 29 families in Mazwi village on the outskirts of Bulawayo will be relocated to pave way for a Zesa Holdings powerline from Hwange Power Station.

Latest Bulawayo City Council minutes indicate that the villagers will be relocated from Stands 717 to 704 Mazwi village.

The minutes state that the town planning department last month reported that council had resolved to relocate 29 families affected by an additional Zesa powerline.

"The servitude was needed by Zesa to accommodate a 400kV overhead powerline that passes next to the village. Since the relocation is a Zesa initiative, it tasked its subsidiary, Zimbabwe Power Company, to carry out the construction of houses for the relocated families," the minutes read.

"The works included the construction of the 29 new houses, at the new sites availed. Zesa was expected to carry out non-title surveys,provision of sanitary facilities, communal water mains extension as well as the construction of roads."

The council stated that construction of houses was in progress, with houses at various levels of development, some are at roof level, window level while others stands are yet to be developed.

"Building materials on construction sites include bricks, river sand, pit sand and quarry stones. Road construction is in progress, with access roads now constructed to gravel level," the minutes further read.

The Hwange Power Station expansion project is currently ongoing as government looks to improve the country's power supply to ease load-shedding.

Source - The Chronicle